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iFile Download Manager

04 Jan 2014

iFile Download Manager game review

There are plenty of download managers available on the Apple iTunes store.

I have tried most of them, and to one degree or another, they work satisfactorily for my purposes. The issue I have had with those download managers I have tried in the past is that I needed several different download managers to accomplish all my downloading tasks. Those days are over.

I have found a new app that does everything I need it to do. I give you the iFile Download Manager. This app is perfect in so many ways. The application runs on iPhone or iPad.

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iFile Download Manager screenshots

Let me run down the features for you and explain to you how it works. The iFile Download Manager features a remarkably straightforward and easy to use interface. You have several options to manage and work with the downloaded file content.

You can transfer files locally to your device using via iTunes, but the real power of this application is how it can handle content downloaded from the internet or store on Dropbox or apple iCloud. There are several different application modes to select from when using the app.

Local mode is for managing files that you have copied to your iPhone or iPad. Once your files are transferred, you can compress them into a zip file, cut, copy, paste and rename, search and share files.

The ability to compress the files on-the-fly or uncompress is excellent I have been looking for this functionality in a download manager for some time. Dropbox mode is especially exciting because I use Dropbox religiously.

Now I can transfer my files directly from my Macbook Pro Dropbox, and they are instantly available on my iPad and iPhone. I can edit the files Dropbox just as I can if they were locally stored devices. A fresh new feature that I quite like, is the new browser mode, which allows you to browse the web on your iPhone or iPad and download virtually any file type to your local Inbox.

What is extremely neat, is that you can install a plug-in for the Safari web browser, so that if you do not have the app running, when you click on a download link, the iFile Download Manager will open and manage the download for you automatically.

The application supports multiple downloads in the background, so you can download large files and then continue using your phone as you normally would, without having to worry if the download will be interrupted.

The Downloads section of the app shows you all of your currently downloading files and the download status. The Settings section allows you to change various settings in the application. I have used this application now for about a week, and it has become indispensable to me.

I genuinely like this app. For an app of this quality, you could expect to pay a much higher price, but right now it is on sale in the iTunes Store for only $. 99. This is a fantastic deal in my opinion.

I know I will be using this app in many different ways, and I highly recommend you get this app as soon as possible.

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