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iSayHello Communicator Pro

18 Aug 2013

iSayHello Communicator Pro game review

iSayHello Pro is a language app and a travel dictionary for the Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Now I do not have to carry around so many travel books with me, plus I save a lot of money to boot since those paper travel guides and language books are quite expensive. I love to travel. I have been to many countries in Europe, and I have plans to visit Asia in the near future.

Normally I travel by myself, carrying my backpack, train pass and travellers checks. You might say I am an expert traveller. I am not, however, an expert at speaking many different languages.

iSayHello Communicator Pro::By Admovi GmbH iSayHello Communicator Pro::By Admovi GmbH iSayHello Communicator Pro::By Admovi GmbH iSayHello Communicator Pro::By Admovi GmbH

iSayHello Communicator Pro screenshots

I can speak a little Spanish, Italian and French, but not quite so much that it is of substantial help to me. Mostly I rely upon travel phrase books that I have to carry around with me. This is changed though, ever since I found a new application available for download from the iTunes store called iSayHello Pro.

The great thing about iSayHello Pro, is that you do not need to type anything to get a translation, all in need to do is simply press a button, speak into the microphone on my iPad, and the translation I want magically appears on the screen, and a voice reads out the phrase in the translated language.

This is neat because now I know how to pronounce the words. To use iSayHello Pro is remarkably easy to use. First, you need to select from one of two operating modes, either Travel Dictionary or Communicator.

The Travel Dictionary is a handy compendium of commonly used phrases and subjects, including words and phrases that are used in everyday use, greetings, shopping, emergencies and many more. This is similar to the travel books I have used in the past.

The advantage of course, of using the iPad application is that I do not have to carry so many books with me since the iSayHello Pro app has at least 12 different languages to choose from. The other mode that is available in the iSayHello Pro app is the Communicator mode.

This mode is unique and extremely useful. While in communicator mode, first select the languages that I want to translate, and when I am ready, all I need to do is to press a button and speak what I want to translate.

Instantly the translated words appear on the screen in a voice in the translated language reads the text in the correct pronunciation. A history of all the translated phrases is logged so you can review what translations you have made previously.

While using the app, I was astounded how quickly the app translated phrases and speech and how good the translated quality was. I have tried many different language translation apps available for iPad because I travel a lot.

I never actually have found any translation apps that were phenomenal, until now. iSayHello Pro Is an excellent app, and whether for business or pleasure, this is one app that will come in extremely handy.

I highly recommend downloading this app if you want accurate and fast translations while on the go.

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Download iSayHello Communicator Pro from iTunesDownload iSayHello Communicator Pro from Android market

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