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iScare Pranks

04 Jun 2013

iScare Pranks game review

If you like to play pranks on your friends or relatives, then I have a new app to tell you about, designed for the iPhone and iPad, that is available on the iTunes Store as a free download.

The app name is called iScare Prank, and it is one of the best prank style games I have seen yet.

When you first start the game, you are prompted with an information display that warns you not to let or other individuals who may have a real weakness for these kinds of prank games.

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iScare Pranks screenshots

The reason why, perhaps, is that these prank games are designed to scare the unsuspecting and make them jump in their pants (or something else). iScare Prank is no exception, and the primary purpose of the game, is to scare someone after they have been looking closely at a puzzle for a while.

Then, after their concentration has been firmly affixed onto the game, they will be pranked and scared to pieces. To use this game successfully, that is, to scare someone out of their wits, it is necessary to start the game yourself, bypass the opening intro menu, start a puzzle and then pass the game to someone else that you want to scare.

The actual game is a concentration style type of puzzle, where you need to look at two images and pick out the items in the images that do not match. The game itself works just like a normal concentration game, however, after a certain period of time, there will appear on the screen audio and visual imagery that will scare the person who has been playing the game.

These games are best played when there is a fair amount of concentration involved, so it is a nice touch that the game works like a normal game right up until the point that the person who is playing the game gets jolted with the scary image and sound.

The game has five items that have to be found in the two images that do not match. Here is the secret: there is actually only 4 items that are mismatched so no matter how hard the person concentrates to find the fifth mis-matching item, they will never find it.

So usually the person who is playing the game, concentrates even more to find the fifth mismatching item. After about 20-30 seconds, a very scary image will appear, along with blood curdling scream, and I have to admit, it is scary.

To your intended prank target, who does not know otherwise, this game appears to be a normal "find the mismatched items" kind of puzzle, it is just hard enough for the first 4 items that no one would suspect what is coming next.

Once the target of the prank has found the fourth mismatched item, it is time to sit back, wait and watch as your prank victim will get a real scare! It is pretty funny to watch, although beware if your intended prank victim takes a swing at you with the iPhone or iPad.

It is good fun though, and sure to bring on the laughs.

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