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21 Sep 2013

iSignTranslate game review

With Apple launching its new and high tech phones-iPhone 5c and 5s, applications on the App store are also on the rise.

The iSign Translate found its way into the App World on September 13, 2013. The app occupies a tiny portion of the memory. The size is around 14. 9 MB. The App is English based. iSign Translate is preliminarily a picture translator.

The pictures taken with an iPhone camera, containing text, can be translated with the help of this app. Now, the indigenousness of the iPhone camera is well known to everybody.

iSignTranslate::By Sandr iSignTranslate::By Sandr iSignTranslate::By Sandr iSignTranslate::By Sandr

iSignTranslate screenshots

The camera presents an excellent picture quality, due to, not just the good resolution of the screen, but also the excellent camera engineered by the apple technicians. The languages available are Thai, Spanish, Italian, Ukranian, Turkish, Swedish, France and German.

These languages are available via in-app purchasing. Free languages included in the application package are Russian and English. This Application features a new and improved more tech-savvy engine. With this new and enhanced version, translating several lines has become feasible.

This improved version has been launched after several bugs and errors in the prototype had been fixed. The previous version was updated only in August of 2013. Apart from this, this ambitious app can also translate the gestures made by people and interpret it.

For example, the nervousness a person feels can be interpreted by his body language and can be deciphered properly. The App provides an alphabet-to-alphabet translation. The earlier version which dealt only with gestures has been corrected here.

Some of the errors that have been corrected in version 1. 1 are• The size has considerably reduced from 161 MB to 14. 9 MB. • The limited memory has been expanded. • Words have also been included. • Sign Language learners will benefit even further from it.

A serious disadvantage of this phone is that it requires a steady internet connection for accurate translation. This app is supported only with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S ad iPhone 5. Apart from iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch- Third, Fourth and Fifth generations also find this app compatible with its operating system.

As of now, it is not compatible with the two newest phones o the year- iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. The app is quite accurate when it has to translate the orderly arrangement of letters, particularly the street signs.

The accuracy is not the highlight when it comes to translating advertisement signs. In an advertisement, the letters are of a funky font, which the App fails to detect and process. When you find a picture you want to be translated, run the application on your iPhone.

Now, point the camera at the banner or the sign which needs to be translated. Point the camera in the sign’s direction for around 5 to 7 seconds. The processor runs a letter to letter comparison and displays a translated version.

This version overlaps the other lingual letters. This is an innovative attempt by the Developers. As the version 1. 1, it deserves good applause and should be given due credit. This app is good, if mediocre is the limit.

If Apple wants to continue breaking barriers mind-blowing technology, then this App is sadly lagging.

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Download iSignTranslate from iTunesDownload iSignTranslate iPad app download from iTunes

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