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Junaio - Augmented Reality Browser

15 Jan 2014

junaio - Augmented Reality Browser game review

Junaio is a handy little app released by the creators Metaio inc.

Junaio is a reality browser and after spending some time with this app I would say that it is probably one of the most up to date reality browser currently available on the market. I found the controls very simple and easy to use and the app itself was quite quick to navigate and find your way around.

The app enables to users to look at events which are going on in their local area and it will help them look for discounts or special offers which are currently available.

junaio - Augmented Reality Browser::By metaio, Inc. junaio - Augmented Reality Browser::By metaio, Inc. junaio - Augmented Reality Browser::By metaio, Inc. junaio - Augmented Reality Browser::By metaio, Inc. junaio - Augmented Reality Browser::By metaio, Inc.

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There is a section of the app in which it will read barcodes and on doing so will immediately provide you with a whole host of knowledge. The graphics on the app are very clear and very realistic giving you a clear view of what you are looking for.

The app is very impressive however in the abundance of information it can provide you with. When searching in my own town it discovered that the app could tell me where to find the nearest ATM machine, what shows were currently showing, special events I could go to and a wealth of information regarding places to eat and drink.

This was very useful indeed and I imagine if you are out of town or in an unfamiliar area it would be even more useful. The scanning system is really good and easy to use. You can scan all QR codes and are greeted with so much information in return whether it be details about an item you want to purchase or web pages.

A pleasant surprise I did stumble across was all the different apps junaio combined with their own app from popular sites such as ebay classifieds. The app seems to be regularly updated with lots of new information being added every month so this is not an app that you will get bored of or tire of easily.

With it being constantly updated there will always be new information for you to browse and search for. The swipe and scan controls where really good too use and did not over complicate matters when trying to search or browse.

The homepage highlighted certain key features which I found also saved a lot of time and messing around. I always quite liked being able to see other peoples instagram photos showing the direction and distance from where they were taken.

One criticism is that I did find it to lag at times but this was not a very frequent occurrence and did not cause too many major issues. I found this a really useful app to have and was easy to you. The graphics were surprisingly good considering its large content and I was particularly impressed with the 3D images.

It really did seem to make things come to life.

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