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Keith Kantor

27 May 2014


Keith Kantor game review


Keith Kantor has been, for 27 years, an advocate of natural food and healthy living across the United States. He is the CEO of Service Foods, Inc. since 1994, which is the largest natural food company in the US. He has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science.

He has presented into many nutritional events and has been awarded with several distinctions, including a title of “Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist”. If you go ahead and check his website, you will realize that when it comes to health, wellness, and natural foods, Dr.

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Kantor has a thing or two to say about it, and when he does, you must listen. Now, imagine all this valuable information available at the tips of your hands on your mobile device. Well, luckily for us, there is a mobile application with Keith Kantor´s best advice, books, blog, products, etc.

All this invaluable resource is available to you now for free anywhere you go! Living a healthier life has become more practical now. If you are interested in having quick information on how to take care of your health, this is one application that you must have.

The interface of the application is pretty smooth and nice. It opens with nine icons that will take you to the various parts of this amazing application. Let´s try for example, tapping on the calculator.

Tap on that and you will get the options to calculate your weight loss, your calorie burn rate, the nutrition value calculator, and a simple BMI calculator. All of this is only contained in the calculator section; it will bring a smile to your face knowing that this is available on your mobile.

You must give this one a try. You can also tap on the news section which will take you to the most important sites and virtual magazines that contain updated news about specific areas of nutrition and wellness.

All of this within the application, fast and easy. You can also access Dr. Kantor´s books, get more info from Amazon and purchase it right there without ever leaving the app. This is a very convenient way of quickly acquiring Dr.

Kantor´s work which I suggest you do. You can also have access to multimedia material from Dr. Kantor’s library. Listen to interesting interviews about health and modern nutrition. The application takes you to pick from several sites that contain this media.

One great thing about this application is that it has some places that are websites, but the fact that they are kept within the application gives them higher functionality as they open as fast as an application.

All the information and resources you find in this one are about to surprise and amaze you. It´s like carrying a specialized library on nutrition and health. So go ahead and download this app now, you will love from the moment you open it.

It is easy to use, sleek, functional, and takes you where you want at the tap of a button. This is a must have application if you are serious about living a healthier life.

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