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Koosh Featured

03 Sep 2015

Koosh app

Koosh is an app that allows users to create interactive video for friends, family, or the world. It achieves this by allowing users to upload media to the app in order to create an event of your choice. You can add media, captions, and let your friends collaborate. Creating events for the public to view or privately share with friends & family. With a concentration on collaboration & capturing multiple perspectives of one event such as a concert in order to Koosh them together.


Koosh app::By Koosh Ltd Koosh app::By Koosh Ltd

Koosh App Screenshots

The iOS app which is completely free greets you with a screen allowing you to login or sign up for the app. Sign up is made easy via Twitter or Facebook. From here you're presented with the main creation screen. You can create a video or image based Koosh, Koosh air allows you to find users nearby to collaborate with this is achieved by being on the same Wi-Fi network. Below that you have the option to view completed or incomplete Kooshes. So you can either view past Kooshes or finish projects you have yet to publish.

The rest of the app falls into 4 other tabs. First tab being the notifications tab. This will display any active notifications you may have from likes on your Kooshes to comments. Bringing in the social element of the app sharing your Kooshes worldwide to see the reaction it gets from viewers around the world. You can comment & like any Koosh adding in your own input or thoughts regarding the post. The 3rd tab is your profile which displays information all about you. Showcasing your overall "likes" & "friends" on Koosh. This also displays a list view of your Kooshes. Next up is your Koosh Library. This is a running library of Kooshes uploaded from around the world giving you a list view of the latest Kooshes coming with the option to filter through them via a search option. At a glance you can see the users profile, likes, and number of comments on a Koosh. Last but not least is your Koosh Kontact tab. you can easily find contacts through your iOS device, search for Koosh Kontact by username & then of course view your list of people added.

Koosh is all about making creating video/image based stories easily. Taking your media & creating slideshow based material with the option for you to add in captions to make it your own. Collaborate with friends to make a great Koosh of your trip, or simply create private based media for you to send out to them. Koosh focuses on collaboration & sharing. The library gives you a view of what's going on around the world. The biggest aspect of Koosh is not just collaborating locally but with people all over to create truly interactive material showcasing multiple viewpoints of one event or simply crowd sourcing material on a specific subject like pets for example. The possibilities are really endless. The iOS app is simple to navigate & even easier to create with.

Download Koosh completely a free in the app-store today!

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Download Koosh app from iTunes for free Download Koosh app from iTunes for free

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