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Kpop Lyrics Plus

17 Jan 2014

Kpop Lyrics Plus game review

So you like Kpop music, but do not know how to speak Korean, or sing along to the Korean Kpop songs?

Well, now your dilemma is over. I am someone who has been following the Kpop scene for a while now, but I am, unfortunately, also a person who does not speak Korean at all. The best I can do is hum to the Kpop sounds, and mumble my way through it.

Kpop Lyrics Plus is a new app available in the ITunes store, and what it does is to allow you to select a Kpop song from your iPod, iPhone or iPad music library, it analyses the music and presto!

Kpop Lyrics Plus::By yn'story Kpop Lyrics Plus::By yn'story Kpop Lyrics Plus::By yn'story

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You will be able to read the lyrics of the Kpop song selected directly while the song is playing. After analysing your selected music, the Kpop lyrics are displayed in real-time on your device display. This is no good if you do not know how to pronounce the Korean alphabet, so the app does something unique: it displays the lyrics after they have been "Romanised".

This means that the sounds of the Korean words are spelled in a way that an English speaker can easily read and sing. Now it is possible for you to learn, listen, sing and enjoy all of your Kpop favourites, without having any knowledge of the Korean alphabet and language.

The app is quite impressive; It identifies Kpop songs very quickly and displays the English phonetic pronunciations as well as the original Korean lyrics. You can definitely impress your friends with this new app!

The app allows you to display two or three words at a time, or one line of lyrics at a time. I personally like the two word view, but it is a matter of personal preference. The "Plus" version of the Kpop Lyrics app will also allow you to save the Romanised lyrics, so that you can send the lyrics as a text message, e-mail message or to simply print the lyrics out if that is your preference.

It is also possible to search for Kpop lyrics directly from the app. The developers of this application are interested in user feedback, you can send them an email directly from the app, and it is clear to me that they want to hear from their app users.

Kpop Lyrics is fun and easy to use, and if you are a fan of Kpop music, this is one app that is a must have if you want to get the full Kpop experience. Kpop music is expected to keep on growing in popularity, so this is exceptionally good timing for an app like this and I highly recommend it.

This app is available on both the ITunes store and the Android Marketplace. You can also go check out the Kpop Lyrics Facebook page and hook up with other Kpop fans worldwide. Lyrics Plus is free for a short period of time, so go get your copy today !

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Download Kpop Lyrics Plus from iTunes

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