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Life Organizer Featured

24 Oct 2014

Life Organizer

A lot of people don’t know how to organize their plans nowadays, I am basically one of them. Thoughts and ideas are coming in and out from my mind from time to time and I want to catch and take an action to the nicest things that comes from my mind when it wanders at some point but I am having a hard time to coordinate with them.


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There was a time that I wished that someday there will be a great way in forms of help and support to arranging myself, my present and future plans. I know it will be possible in some ways because technology is really improving as time goes by so then I came up with a thought that there might be a handy application that will help me organize my thoughts, ideas, and plans in the cleanest possible way.

If there is only an app that is an all-in-one, I’ll be forever grateful. Luckily, I have found this mobile app that says “it is a powerful all-in-one app to help you gain complete control of your life”. I was like “Wow! Really? For real?” This mobile app is called The Life Organizer™.

I downloaded it directly and without any hesitation at all. My feelings towards this mobile app is to be compared in “love at first sight” feeling. Well, it is more like “love at first test”. The app is very friendly in such a way that I can still use it without even logging in or creating an account. The buttons with its corresponding functions are properly organized as well.

I think it should be like that because otherwise it will defeat its purpose of what an organizer does. This mobile app helps me think of what my visions in life are, my annual goals and weekly planning. Now, I feel like my brain and heart are working together.

The Calendar and To Do buttons under the Manage section play a very important role, the Calendar does not only make you write your present and upcoming events but also has the ability to remind them. Even if I am forgetful sometimes, I really appreciate it when I am reminded of the things I unintentionally forget. This is why, I love this mobile app. Furthermore, the To Do section makes you write all the things you want to do.

I was profoundly amazed with its interactivity with the user, it really is a powerful all-in-one app in helping you organize your life because it doesn’t let you forget the things that you want to be done by giving you an alert as a form of reminder. However, it has its own limits as a free user but the things that you can access as a free user is already satisfying to meet your needs in helping you organize or prepare your things in the long run. I highly recommend this to every iPhone user who is also having a difficult time in organizing their ideas and stuff.


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