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Manything App Review Featured

10 Sep 2019

Manything App Review

The Manything app is perfect for those who are in need of a surveillance camera. It is available on Apple's iOS and comes for free. It can transform any old iOS device into a surveillance camera.

The IFTTT channel of Manything app for iOS comes as an additional home security as well as automation possibilities.


Manything App Review::By Manything Systems Ltd Manything App::By Manything Systems Ltd Manything App::By Manything Systems Ltd

However, there's a limited to the Manything application. It is compatible to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 6 or above.

The video quality of Manything app is not up to the mark of traditional Wi-Fi cameras. It will not give 1080 pixel video quality, but it is easy to experiment as DIY home security. It starts performing as a security camera within a minute.

You can download Manything app from Apple store and after installation simply register on it through Facebook or an email address. After the registration process is completed, select the option of "Record using this device." With this the mobile turns into an instant security camera. To access live video simply select "View my cameras" remotely.

The app developer has not restricted on limit of number of iDevices. This means you can set up combination of compatible devices. You can use multiple iPhones, iPads and iPods to make it a fleet of security cameras.

After you have selected "Record using this device" option, point the camera at the area where you want to keep a track what is happening. Press the record button. It is suggested to buy a micro stand for the mobile phone to help mount it properly and in perfect angle.

There is one important drawback need to be mentioned here. You cannot change the settings remotely. It is only possible on the original device.

Well, the drawback is reasobale as Manything app comes free with several utility and good features like you set detection zone and customize the motion sensor sensitivity as well. You can set email notifications so that you get the alert whenever motion is detected by the mobile phone. You can adjust frequency of the alerts.

The available video quality ranges from 8 FPS (200K - very low) to 24 FPS (700K - very high). Cellular data can be enabled as a support to keep the recording continued if Wi-Fi connection is lost by the device.

Stills mode can be enabled, audio can be put into mute option and low-light mode can be customized.


The app is free and so you cannot expect some great features and very good video quality. It is perfect for DIY home security.


Download Manything App from IOS Market

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