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Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun

11 Jan 2014

 Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun game review

You along with your fellow colleagues have fallen into an unexpected adventure.

There’s an island named Prospero’s Island which is present in the Mediterranean region and consists of hidden treasure. You have the chance to find the lost treasure which might be present in the labyrinths or underground caves. At the beginning of the treasure hunt, you would be given a sum of $25,000 to help you.

Once you collect all the treasures hidden in the cave, you become its owner and then you can turn it into a fully fledged business where you charge a fee of $1000 for people who land on each of the caves owned by you.

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But how is one supposed to enter the caves? With a secret code which would be provided in a puzzle. Yes, there would a math problem whose answer would be the secret code for opening the cave. If you’re thinking that while playing this game i.

e. Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun, you would be ablet to exercise your math skills, you’re perfectly correct. Also, an onscreen calculator is available to help you out while doing the calculations. But do you think finding treasures in underground caves that easy?

It’s not and for the same reason you’ve been using remote controlled robot machines which would do the digging of the caves. Also, you need to find the treasure as soon as possible for the robot faces the threat of destruction through dangers like ice caverns, underground rivers, falling boulders and tubes which had been left by the ancient civilizations living in the cave.

Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun is seriously an interesting game. Isn’t it? I was awed only by the synopsis and downloaded the game from the Google Play. Moreover, you can easily play with your friends (four players are allowed) which makes the game more interesting and challenging.

You can also set the winning criteria of the game. For example, you can set a particular score at which the winner is announced and also, you can save games to continue it later. Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun is considered to be a cross between two very popular games – maze searches and monopoly.

Also, I loved the range of mathematical problems for they really do a good job to exercise your mathematical skills. There are problems on whole numbers, ratios & proportions, time, area, length, weight, graphs, tables, angles, volumes, fractions and decimals etc.

The game Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun is certainly a game that is aimed to provide full entertainment and gaming fun long with educational benefits. Seriously, I never came across a better way to exercise my mathematical skills.

This game is a must to play if you’ve an Android phone. The app is compatible with all Android devices and is awesome. It’s also very easy to play which is an add on to this app. If you want to play an amazing game which can also benefit you in your studies or general math skills, this game surely needs to be in your list.

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