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My Nutrition

03 May 2014

My Nutrition game review

Being a foodie, I was in dire need of an app that would let me balance my nutrition intake and keep a check on my unhealthy eating habits.

As most of us who have been through this problem, I searched for nutrition apps that would assist me in living a healthy life but obviously, all such efforts went in vain as I never found a good enough app for myself.

Continuing my research for a good easy to use nutritional application, I came across by My Nutrition.

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My Nutrition screenshots

Even though when I had tried a lot of calorie counters, food indexes and other nutritional apps which never actually worked for me, I decided to give it a chance for once and that’s the reason why I got this app for myself.

Now, as I have been using this app regularly, I can say that I feel really lucky as I came across from this. With more than 8000+ indexed foods, this is the most comprehensive and complete nutritional app so far.

Specially designed for helping people to maintain good health, this app would seriously help you out to lead a healthy lifestyle. There is no other app in the market that provides such an all-in-one app.

In fact, I would call My Nutrition as a perfect and intelligently designed combination of all the good nutritional apps available in the market. The app has a wide range of features. The browse and search feature allows you to search the huge database of the app for a specific food.

You can also search for a food by name or food group. Then you can save your favorite foods in my food section. There is also an option to make an avoid list that really helped me a lot. You can easily check the nutrient facts of each of the foods you add to my food section.

There is another section for food categories that allows a person to search any food very easily and save it for future reference. I loved the search by nutrients section of the app that allows you to search a food rich in a specific nutrient.

This is something which anyone would love. Just imagine, if you need more calcium in your diet, search for calcium and get all the foods rich in calcium in just a few seconds. That’s really amazing. The user interface of the app is seriously appreciable.

The elegant and attractive design would make you stick to this app for a long time. The food diary section – well there have been many apps that have this section but none of them worked for me. The food diary section of My Nutrition app is the any health conscious person would wish for.

It lets you keep track of all the food that you have eaten in a day and make a nutrition count in the end. You can also create recipes according to your nutritional requirements and keep a calorie check to yourself.

There is so much more that you can do with this app. It’s beyond my descriptive capabilities to explain what an amazing and useful application this is. You just need to check it out yourself.

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