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My Page

20 Feb 2013

My Page game review

My Page is the latest release by the developer Lukas Boehler.

As soon as I begin to browse this app I could see how useful it was going to be. This app basically will help you create your own web page in no time at all. If like me you have never created a web page before and have not had the knowledge to do so then this app is for you. It is so easy to use, understand and follow.

After only a short period of time I had managed to create my own web page and have already began work on my second. The app is ridiculously easy to use.

My Page::By Lukas Boehler My Page::By Lukas Boehler My Page::By Lukas Boehler My Page::By Lukas Boehler My Page::By Lukas Boehler

My Page screenshots

All you have to do is pick a template on the app, choose a name for your website and then begin to put the content of the website in. It really is as easy as it sounds. The app is really well designed with bold clear instructions which are easy to read and follow.

The graphics are fantastic and when up loading your images you can play around with them to alter them to suit your own personal needs and requirements. Web pages can be made for your own personal needs showing off pictures and information about what you have been doing recently which was like the page I created.

However I could also see the potential of this app for creating pages for business and selling things or reviewing a book or product. The options are endless. Upon perusing the app I noticed that there are many different templates to chose from and you can literally add as many sites as you wish.

You can add various different content to each template including text, images and even video’s. As I stated earlier you can play around with the images you include on your website with the image editor which is a great little feature.

You can alter certain aspects of the image you choose to upload until you are happy with it. I had great fun doing this but could see how it would also be great for a business page so you can get your product looking just right.

Uploading the pictures is so easy – you can simply just upload them straight from your phone. You can put on external links and even hide pages if you wish. I was a bit worried about the security of my page and people having access to it but Lukas Boehler has even thought of this too and has included a feature which will allow you protect your web pages security with a password.

I had no problems at all with this app and was really impressed with it and will certainly be using it again. However, if people do have trouble setting up their page there is also a great support network to contact who will guide you through how to do things.

As stated previously I had never created my own web page before but with this app I managed to do so. It really is a fantastic app which I will never tire off and can highly recommend for all people new to making web pages.

Even if you have made a web page before this app is still terrific as it is so easy to use to create one. It will certainly save a lot of time and takes very little effort. Great app – highly recommended.

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