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29 May 2013

MyFamilyGifts game review

French based indie app development guru Alexis Pasty today announces the recent update of MyFamilyGifts for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Enhanced in time for Mother’s Day in France, this useful app gives families the power to streamline their gift giving histories, future gift plans, and more into a single centralized hub.

The app enables users to budgetize their present shopping, share cool gift ideas via message and social media, and more on the go from anywhere as well.

MyFamilyGifts::By Alexis Pasty MyFamilyGifts::By Alexis Pasty MyFamilyGifts::By Alexis Pasty MyFamilyGifts::By Alexis Pasty MyFamilyGifts::By Alexis Pasty

MyFamilyGifts screenshots

Sceaux, France - Alexis Pasty, a tech savvy indie developer keen on family oriented mobile solutions, is excited today to announce the launch of a newly updated version of MyFamilyGifts onto the App Store in time for Mother’s Day in France on May 26th.

Universally compatible across all iOS devices, this unique gift tracking and management app gives users a platform to see what gifts they gave and received in the past, what gifts they’re planning on giving friends and family for upcoming holidays, birthdays, and special occasions, and gift info with one another from anywhere!

Complete with new gift list budgeting features and enhanced overall performance, MyFamilyGifts is currently available for download on the App Store for $0.99 in the Utilities category. Built from the ground up to give anyone who’s ever gotten mixed up buying multiple holiday presents, accidentally re-gifted something to the wrong person, or simply has trouble keeping track of who’s getting and gotten what, MyFamilyGifts is a planning app like no other.

The app features three main sections - Events, Gifts, and People - to ensure users keep their gift giving histories and itineraries in order from any perspective they need to. They’re free to plan out what they need to gift and share ideas by event, create a list of great gift ideas and assign them to the people that would enjoy them most, or go contact by contact and work back from there.

Best of all, since MyFamilyGifts has the power to record everything past and present at once there’s no chance any gifts are going to get lost in the fray, go to the wrong people, or miss the mark when a special occasion comes up.

MyFamilyGifts was the brainchild of Alexis Pasty and initially designed the app to help his own family. As so, the app is as much about connecting with people as it is about keeping gift information in order.

To boot, since budgeting money is common a factor while gift shopping the app includes an easy way for users to keep prices for everything they buy together and available at a glance via gift Status and Budget spreadsheets for any given event.

Users can also share gift ideas, reactions to gifts, and more all via text, Facebook, or email, and input gifts that they’ve received or offered even if their coming or going to multiple people at once as well.

Furthermore, since users are able to export all app data via email, right onto their mobile device, or extract it via iTunes and save it to their computer there’s no chance that their gift list compilations and histories will ever be lost due to technical issues!

Complete with an intuitive user friendly interface, two unique app themes, and flexible currency options, MyFamilyGifts is primed to make navigating any present prone occasion simple and easy. The Pasty Family, pushed on by Alexis Pasty, wanted to create a new way for friends and families to keep tabs on their gifting.

The result was MyFamilyGifts - a mobile app created by a family for its own target audience without any compromises or middlemen. © The Pasty Family 2013. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U. S. and/or other countries.

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Download MyFamilyGifts from iTunes

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