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23 Feb 2014

Mylifepaper game review

It seems that Facebook is changing it's news features all the time, and it is challenging to keep up those changes.

What is actually needed is a straightforward to use, yet comprehensive tool that allows you to center all the news about the person who is the most important - You ! Now there is an app available on the iTunes store called Mylifepaper, and it is an appealing application designed to manage the digital news about everything that is going on in your life.

The app is designed for easy sharing of updates with your friends and followers. To use Mylifepaper, you just need to download and install to your iPhone, and during the first startup, you will be prompted to sign in using Facebook or other social media, or you can elect to sign up with your e-mail address and a username of your choice.

Mylifepaper::By Malgorzata Jurczyk Mylifepaper::By Malgorzata Jurczyk

Mylifepaper screenshots

If you think of a digital newspaper, for example, an online news service, then you can get an idea how the Mylifepaper application works. There are different sections in the app, better laid out just like a newspaper.

At the center of all the activity is your information wall, including various tidbits of information such as your location, nickname, your horoscope and other personal details. One cool thing, that you can do with the application, is keep track of all the people who are reading your "personal" newspaper.

You can also view who is reading your activities by location, for example, by clicking on the location button, you can see all of the readers in that location who are reading your profile. You can also keep track of all of the Mylifepapers that you are reading on other people's pages.

By default, you can create new sections, such as My news, My weather, My questions (assumedly for others to ask questions of you), My plans, My places (similar to check-in on Facebook), My reviews and interestingly, a section called My advice.

With the application, you can also do a comprehensive search of social media activity from many different social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram. If you want to search by geographical area you can do that, and you can even search by tag keyword or zodiac sign.

Using the application, you can take pictures and videos, and there is a built-in photo editing application which allows you to apply effects to images to make them look stylish. If you see someone who has a Mylifepaper, and you wish to contact that person, it is extremely easy to do.

You just click on the chat icon and start chatting. The chat feature is remarkably easy to use and uncomplicated and is not cluttered or confusing to use. All in all, this app is a remarkably well designed tool to use if you want to search information from social media websites, or just to meet new people.

You can send messages between individuals quickly, and the geolocation capabilities work exceptionally well. I recommend this application for anyone who wants to have the ultimate in personal information sharing.

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Download Mylifepaper from iTunes

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