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MyMathBook HD

03 Jan 2014

MyMathBook HD game review

MyMathBook is currently available on iPad and is due to be released on iPhone in the very near future.

This application is designed for young children to help develop their mathematic skills in a fun and engaging way. This educational software is ideal for ages as low as three years old and can help youngsters up to the age of six or seven.

MyMathBook has many animations, illustrations and colourful graphics to help capture children’s interest and make learning mathematics fun.

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The application contains different sections and features where basic arithmetic can be learnt. The app uses a wide range of characters to help kids remember numbers and how to perform certain tasks built around mathematics.

The colours and animations are designed to keep young children interested and eager to use the software more. There are currently thirteen different topics that the application covers. In upcoming versions at least three more subjects have been announced and expected to be available as a free update.

The first subject that MyMathBook covers is ‘Learning Numbers’, it is aimed for children with very limited math skills and aims to help improve their number recognition. This is achieved by using characters in the shape of numbers.

The characters are all brightly coloured and play vital parts in each chapter of the book. Kids may recognise the characters voice or activity that they do initially but will also remember the image of the character, which is a number from zero to nine.

This learning application can also help children to write numbers. There is a ‘Trace Numbers’ topic where children have to follow the lines and create the numbers that are given. There are a few stages to this topic and which range in complexity and can be setup to help your children in the best possible way.

Other features of the book include adding and subtracting numbers. It is important to set the tasks appropriately for the age of the person using the application. For instance, a child that does not know basic numbers will not be able to do the addition topic until they understand what the plus and equal signs mean, for example.

As the youngsters progress through each chapter and begin to learn more the topics get slightly harder and more challenging. It is possible to skip certain areas of the book and come back to them at a later date.

As each section is completed there is also a test option, which can help to record your children’s progress, however, this does not have to be completed in order to continue using the application. Overall this application is absolutely superb for young children willing to learn.

It does not only help youngsters to learn mathematics but also improves hand and eye coordination by using the iPad. The colours and characters all look appealing and encourage kids to keep on progressing through the application.

The sound effects and music are equally as good and it also has a quiet option for when the noise is not appropriate. Families with an iPad and young children – this is a must have learning application.

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Download MyMathBook HD from iTunes

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