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Note Anytime

20 May 2013

Note Anytime - a full featured easy to use note taking app for iPad  iPhone game review

If you had asked me a year ago, six months or even three months ago if it would be possible for someone to create a new note taking application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad that had any significant features which would be worth building into a new application, and more importantly, worth installing and using, my answer at the time would have been no.


I honestly thought that the limit to which functionality could be made useful within a note taking application had been reached. Well, I was wrong.

Note Anytime - a full featured easy to use note taking app for iPad iPhone::By MetaMoJi Corporation Note Anytime - a full featured easy to use note taking app for iPad iPhone::By MetaMoJi Corporation Note Anytime - a full featured easy to use note taking app for iPad iPhone::By MetaMoJi Corporation

Note Anytime landscape screenshots

There is a new update of Note Anytime available in the iTunes Store, a free app, and it again redefines the way in which one can take notes using their Apple iDevice or Windows mobile smartphones and tablet devices.

This app was just recognized as Finalist for an Appy Award for Productivity apps, with good reason. Let's find out how it works. When you first open the app, you are alerted to the fact that a understated little control called "the floating palette" is your main means of changing which tool you use while creating your notes and drawings.

The interesting thing about this toolbar is that it can be moved anywhere within the vast white space, so it is never in your way. There are different styles of pens, including calligraphy pens with different ink colors, thickness settings and more.

Like other note applications, you can draw upon a canvas whatever your heart's desire, and then if you make a mistake you can use the „floating palette“ to change from a pen to and an eraser. The "floating palette" control panel is nicely laid out and designed, you can quickly access the main drawing tools which include a text tool, a selection tool, pen style, eraser and several different styles.

What makes this app stand alone among the rest of note takers is how far your white space can be expanded and how your graphics remain intact regardless of how far your zoom in or out. The power of this application lies within its extensive editing options, retina ready display graphics, comprehensive paper styles (used as the background of notes) and social sharing.

In addition to the basic notetaking abilities, Note Anytime features PDF annotation for import and export and a digital cabinet service, which allows you to automatically synchronize your notes across any of your devices.

The service is free and is available to any Note Anytime user with up to 2GB of space. Note Anytime enable users to download a web page or a website as a graphic and then simply modify graphic with built-in tools rotate, scale, note, and save the finished document as jpeg graphic or Acrobat PDF document.

Note Anytime iPad image 4::By MetaMoJi Corporation Note Anytime iPad image 5::By MetaMoJi Corporation Note Anytime iPad image 6::By MetaMoJi Corporation

Note Anytime portrait screenshots

This app works with vector graphics that enables you to scale or resize any image to 50x scale while keeping its visual quality. Social media outlets are also covered within the application, once you create notes you can send those via Twitter, Tumbler and Facebook.

Note Anytime easily integrates with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and you can easily share your content on social media sites. Sending an email with your recently created document is easy as 1,2,3 - or you can simply store your work on Digital Cabinet or send to Dropbox.

One of the strong points of this application is that because it is retina ready, can add in all of your high resolution photographs, PDF files and other content that can benefit from a retina display. Another stylish feature that I like about the application is that one of the pen styles is a calligraphy style, and this makes it pretty refreshing to write out notes onto the plethora of paper styles, to create some unique looking creations.

Note Anytime supports all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) as well as Windows smartphones and tables. Recently app has been available for Windows 8 mobile devices and tablets. Android version is coming very soon so stay tuned.

In the latest update, many new features has been added. Let's check some of them. App supports 12 languages which has been added in latest version (besides English version, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese are available, making the product easier to use globally as well as universal).

One of the finest features is automatic synchronization. This simply means that your notes and sketches are automatically saved in app cloud storage called Digital Cabinet (storage capacity 2 GB free to use).

It simplifies working a lot, as you could make a note on your Android device or iPhone, and then come back home and continue working on same note or sketch using your iPad or Windows 8 desktop. Sharing your work with cloud is very easy and really usable.

App navigation has been improved with the "Jump to" feature so that you can effortlessly navigate through your presentation or virtual whiteboard. You can zoom up to 25x (times) scale since graphics is vector which maintains quality after resizing.

The PDF documents size can be modified and adjusted after importing. Most of all, this app is free and offers a lot more than some paid apps so every user can benefit from it. I would recommend this application to anyone who is interested in having a do-it-all note taking tool, it is fast and easy to use and has more options than you can shake a stick at.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Note Anytime while it is free and enjoy working with this great app.

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Download Note Anytime - a full featured easy to use note taking app for iPad  iPhone from iTunes

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