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09 Jan 2014

OddsTrader game review

If you trade in the stock market, then you are probably familiar with different ways that the stock market trends can be analysed to reduce the risk for any given transaction and maximise the yields that can be gained for a particular stock.

One such method of analysis used in the financial market is called Hurst Channels.

Simply put, Hurst Channels is an analysis method used to track and calculate financial market cycles and their movement.

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The actual mathematical principles for this are quite esoteric, having been conceived by the noted analyst J. W. Hurst. So there are many different views how to apply Hurst Channel analysis to current market cycles, and it can be confusing to keep track of it all, especially if you are on the go a lot, using your mobile devices to monitor the market situation.

A new app, called OddsTrader, bridges the gap between mobility and efficiency in monitoring the cyclical market trends. The OddsTrader provides an unbiased technical analysis for all US stock markets and over 50 stock exchanges worldwide.

It is the most comprehensive trading tool for mobile devices ever made. OddsTrader features an extensive toolset for the iPhone and iPad that makes market research and analysis easy for novice traders and experienced analysts alike.

This app is packed with many tools that other applications (even those not designed for mobile devices), just cannot compete with. In addition to the Hurst Channels analysis, there is a built in Risk/Reward Oscillator, detailed reporting and chart capabilities including Pivot Line, Trend Matrix, Watch Lists and much more.

Data is displayed in logical panels, and historical data provides insight to market trends with six months and 1 year chart views. Using OddsTrader, you can enter your favorite stocks you want to monitor, and this allows you to switch views from one stock to the next, giving you the exact information you need, when you need it.

Investors who want the maximum information possible to manage their trading can elect to purchase the in-app Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) historical data that provide over 120 years of DJIA market data.

The application has a remarkably detailed and comprehensive user manual, so it is quick and easy to get help with the various app settings and tools that OddsTrader provides. Another delightful feature is a built-in RSS feed viewer.

This allows the smart investor to subscribe to unlimited RSS feeds on various financial internet sources, giving the investor the latest news and information necessary to make informed investment decisions.

The application from the ground up is designed to minimise the risks involved with trading. The ability to link directly to the Yahoo Finance Portfolio tool is another example of smart app engineering, allowing the investor to track their own portfolio changes, value and risk while being able to do all of this on the go.

The app is available for purchase on the iTunes store. The cost of this app is ridiculously low, it should pay for itself quickly.

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