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Potty Training Learning with the animals

06 Jun 2013

Potty Training Learning with the animals game review

If you could think back in your life to a time when everything seemed brand-new, when life's challenges were the responsibility of someone else, what time In your life would that have been?

As adults, we take for granted those times when you were younger, when we needed someone most to help us learn our formidable steps.

Come to think about it we all had to learn those basic things as toddlers such as walking, eating by ourselves, dressing ourselves and of course learning how to go potty by ourselves.

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Potty Training Learning with the animals

We don't think of potty training is something that needs to be learned, mostly because we forget that we had to do this ourselves during our early years also. Many parents wonder how they would teach their small children about going to the potty by themselves, and teaching them about hygiene in general.

For some this can be a scary experience, and for others extremely difficult. This is nothing to be ashamed about, it is just that we have had zero amount of practice in this area, with the exception of the time that we were taught by our caretakers.

A new program available on the iTunes Store, designed for both iPhone and iPad, makes the process of teaching your child how to use the toilet easy and fun. The program is called Potty Training: Learning with the Animals.

The app is designed as a storybook, which will read to your children and guide them through an interactive journey in a land filled with animals. A gentle narrator with a soothing British voice reads to your children while keeping them entertained by having them healthy animals use the toilet.

When animals have to go to the bathroom, they are "having butterflies in their stomach" and thus you can get an idea of the imagery that is used when trying to describe the act of using the toilet. Now you would think that something so basic as using the toilet should be easy to explain, but if you think about it, it is more difficult than you may imagine, especially for parents.

Potty Training: Learning with the Animals is designed to be fun and enjoyable for your children to read or listen to so that they can learn how to use the toilet in a natural, easy-going way. The graphics in the storybook is excellent while the interactive scenes with the animals is sure to be a hit with your kids.

Of course, this book was not designed to take over your parental duties, but it certainly can help you during those awkward first learning experiences, and help you to guide your children when they first learn to use the potty.

Through an uncomplicated to use interface, your children can help the animals use the toilet by simply pointing and tapping with their little fingers. Through each scene, each of the animals goes "potty", and the animals become happier, and the interactive story continues.

For those first fundamental steps that your child takes in learning how to use the toilet, I recommend this app for parents who want to help teach their children while making it fun and enjoyable at the same time.

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Download Potty Training Learning with the animals from iTunes

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