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Pre-K Letters and Numbers

20 Jan 2014

Pre-K Letters and Numbers game review

Pre-K Letters and Numbers is a fantastic educational application that allows young children to learn during play.

Most youngsters would find this app more beneficial on the iPad due to the size of the screen, however, it is also available for iPhone and is suitable for all young children that are learning to spell and count. The program has a very clean design and the user interface is simple to understand and use.

One of the greatest elements to this application is that many children can use the program to learn and have fun.

Pre-K Letters and Numbers::By BrightStart LLC Pre-K Letters and Numbers::By BrightStart LLC Pre-K Letters and Numbers::By BrightStart LLC Pre-K Letters and Numbers::By BrightStart LLC Pre-K Letters and Numbers::By BrightStart LLC

Pre-K Letters and Numbers screenshots

Families can benefit from allowing all of their young children access to the application and it can be used in schools or classes to aid as an effective teaching tool. To a child the program looks like a dot-to-dot formation of letters and numbers.

Words and phonics can also be formed as the youngster progresses and begins to understand the basic letters and sounds. Characters are used to make the playing time fun and interesting. Bright colours and appealing graphics enhance the user’s experience.

Good quality, cheerful sounds are used to encourage the children to continue playing and learning at the same time. As the child succeeds in completing a character an applause and cheer will be generated, if a mistake is made an ‘Oops’ sound can be heard.

This gives the user positive reinforcement for getting the characters correct and encourages them to form each letter properly. The report section of the application can help to monitor how well each user has been doing.

It links to a website that tells parents or teachers statistics about each individual. The average score and completion rate are the main stats that the application retrieves. The average score is shown as a percentage; this indicates how many times the child has successfully completed a letter or made a mistake.

The completion rate is measured in seconds; this shows how long it takes for the youngster to complete each character, word or sound. There are also other statistics that parents and teachers may find useful such as the top five characters that the user seems to struggle with.

Pre-K Letters and Numbers is not only great for initial letters and number skills it will also help children to improve their hand eye coordination and to develop their fine motor skills. It sets a good foundation for language and can help build their vocabulary.

There are a total of seventy-five different words used within the application that children will get to recognise, learn, spell and say. All of the words are based around animals, food and common objects or structures.

Overall this application could be an absolutely fantastic piece of software for young children at home or at school. It brings fun, learning and helps to develop essential skills while keeping young children interested and involved.

The report feature allows parents or teachers to track how well the child is doing and to visually see improvements of the time the application is used.

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Download Pre-K Letters and Numbers from iTunes

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