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07 Apr 2014

PuXXles game review

PuXXles is a very unique app which changes the way in which you communicate with your friends. Now there is a new player in town for social media and its name is PuXXles.

Remember when you were a kid and you made an invisible message on paper using lemon juice, and to show the message you held the paper up to a bright light to reveal the message? Well those days are over.

PuXXles is part puzzle, part social and all around fun to use.

PuXXles::By Nikita Spitsyn PuXXles::By Nikita Spitsyn PuXXles::By Nikita Spitsyn PuXXles::By Nikita Spitsyn PuXXles::By Nikita Spitsyn

PuXXles screenshots

PuXXles allows you to take a picture or select an image from your photo gallery add effects and then create a jigsaw puzzle or riddle from the image and text provided. Once the initial image and text used to create the puzzle or riddle, then a second image or text is added as the secret message.

The puzzles can be created using your iPod, iPhone or iPad device, and can be sent as e-mail, sms or to your friends who are using the PuXXles app. When the recipient of the message receives the PuXXle, they must first solve the puzzle to reveal the secret message.

The possibilities to use any photo of your choice to create these puzzles and riddles to encrypt the original message are only limited by your imagination. Images used to generate the secret PuXXle messages can be taken using your device's camera (if it has one) or you can use an existing photo gallery image.

The image is broken up into pieces and is mixed up like a jigsaw puzzle for the recipient of the message to solve. When the recipient solves the puzzle, the secret image and message is revealed. • The image selected as the puzzle image can be split into 9, 16, 25 or 36 pieces• The secret message can be a combination of image and text• PuXXle messages can be previewed before sending• PuXXle images that are created by other users can be downloaded from the PuXXle gallery• PuXXle messages that you create can be uploaded to the PuXXle gallery • PuXXle messages can be ranked online by other PuXXle usersPuXXles is a great app and loads of fun.

Instead of sending a regular, boring sms or e-mail text message, why not send a PuXXle, it is a lot more creative and interesting for your friends. In order for your friends to solve your PuXXle messages, they also need to have the PuXXle app installed.

Samples of PuXXle images can also be viewed online at the PuXXle official website. I highly recommend this app as a new way to communicate in your social network, it is quick and easy to use and will give your friends a fun new way to interact with you.

Go to the iTunes store and check out the app for yourself, it is a free download. Now you do not need any more invisible ink, all you need is PuXXles!

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Download PuXXles from iTunes

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