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27 Feb 2014

Readr game review

For some time now, I have been a fan of Netflix, with its massive library of my favourite television shows and movies, all within a tap or two on my iPad.

I think that Netflix was revolutionary for this style of instant, online media consumption on demand and that is why I am surprised that the idea has taken so long to arrive for other kinds of media, specifically news and print media, such as online newspapers and magazines. 

This has all changed, however, with the introduction of a new application called Readr, which is available now for the iPad and is a free download in the Apple iTunes store. So what is Readr? Readr is an app that allows you to browse hundreds of magazines, just as you might browse magazines in a large department store or bookshop.

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Readr screenshots

You can check out the magazines that you are interested in for up to 20 minutes of reading time per day. Once you find a particular magazine that you like, you can buy the magazine at the same or similar cost as if you were buying the magazine in the store, or you can elect to purchase the read Anytime plan, which allows you to read an unlimited number of published magazines in the library for a low monthly cost of 9. 99 per month.

For new users of the service, the makers of the Readr app, Pixel Mags, gives away a free 7 day trial of the AnyTime service, so this gives you ample time to check out the service and to get familiar with how the service works.

The nice thing about Readr is that it does allow you to browse the magazines when online, and save the magazines that you want to read later to your offline storage. This is done by starring those magazines that you want to save to free memory on your iPad.

Later if, you want or need to delete the magazine to make room for new magazines, you can just delete the old issues with a couple of taps. The application also features an auto-delete feature, which deletes magazines after a set amount of time, say two weeks, so you do not need to remember to delete content, it will do it for you.

The Readr app also has a nice intro presentation when you first start the application, that guides you through the main features of browsing the magazine content. The interface for browsing magazines is as you would expect on the iPad, with lots of swiping to move from magazine to magazine.

There is also a header slider which shows you the highlighted magazine content that is new or featured, giving you easy access to all the latest and greatest content available in the Readr library. All in all, this free app is quite slick, it is fast to swipe through the magazines, and there is quite a big selection to choose from, with some very popular magazines that I have spotted in the lineup.

The best way to experience features of this app is to download it and check out the magazines that are available. If you like to read magazines, then this is a must have app to add to your iPad library.

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Download Readr from iTunes

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