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03 Mar 2013

RunGap game review

If you are a sporting enthusiast, into keep fit or just trying to stay healthy, RunGap is an awesome app that can help you.

When the program is setup RunGap will bring many different, smaller applications together for very easy usability and functionality. The apps that it currently supports are Garmin, RunKeeper, Endomondo and MapMyFitness.

These are all top quality fitness apps that help you maximise your workouts and set targets for you to meet. So how do I link RunGap to my other apps?

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RunGap screenshots

When you load the application you will be greeted with the Activities menu. This will be empty at first. To get the applications linked together you will need to select the cog, located at the top left. This will open a menu with all the accounts that you can link together.

Put your details into the relevant accounts, save the information and go back to the activities screen. Drag the screen down to refresh the page. All of the exercises that you have saved on the other apps will now be displayed in a list format in RunGap.

Why use RunGap if the other programs do all the work? Say you go on a specific jog every day. You use RunKeeper to record your time, speed, distance and calories burnt on this exercise. After the run you visit the gym and use Endomondo to record your Boxing workout.

To finish off you use MapMyFitness to record the total time you have spent and the other important information about your training. Instead of using all the applications one at a time, which aside from being very draining on the battery, can become time consuming, especially if you use the apps every day, use RunGap to keep all your information in one place for quick and easy access.

RunGap has some other great features that you can use if you link to Facebook and DropBox. You are able to upload and update your Facebook timeline, and use the DropBox to synchronise your accounts and update your best times and achievements.

It is also possible to get other people’s workouts, walks, runs and bicycle rides that live in your area and download them to compete for the best times and speeds. You can use this application to keep track of all the activities you do on a regular basis and also the workouts that you may not frequently practice.

It is possible to re-order the activities too so you can organise them in order of preference for that particular day or workout. RunGap has a very professional look, it uses a greyscale theme. The colours work well and do not divert your attention away from your vital information.

The data it saves is presented in an expert manner that can help provide motivation to beat current scores and times, especially couple with the Facebook and Dropbox options. The graphics are simple and very self-explanatory which adds to the overall appearance of the application.

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