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Simply Write

06 Apr 2014

Simply Write game review

Simply Write is an interesting app which allows the user to write notes, sentences, articles or books without the use of a keyboard.

The application is designed purely for iPad and requires iOS 4. 3 or later to run effectively. The program has some unique features that make Simply Write one of the easiest, fastest and quickest hand writing applications on the market.

Jotting down small memos and creating full journals while on the move are simple to complete with the use of this application.

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Simply Write screenshots

One of the finest elements in the application is the simplicity of the menus and features that are available to the user. The program uses only the necessary functions and processes that is required to make simple, easily read files.

Each file is saved as a workbook on the main menu. The menu is in the style of a bookshelf and lists all of the saved files alphabetically. These can be arranged different in settings if the user requires.

Each individual file can also be password protected, making the program very safe and secure if needed. The handwriting controls built into the program make sure the hand written words form correctly and do not display with incorrect letters, this feature works very well and is one of the finest currently on the market.

As the user fills the page up with writing, the program will shrink the words into a small, neat looking text – this eliminates the need to zoom in and out of the document. The program continuously updates the document to give the user more space to continue writing.

The font and text can be formatted once the user has finished writing down content for the workbook. It is possible to add small text notes via an onscreen keyboard and insert the date when required. All of the additional options are available with the bottom controls; they can be hidden or viewed with the arrow button.

The main buttons are undo, redo, free hand write, erase, settings and new line. The new line button will be used frequently to help update the document and clear a new space on the screen for the user to continue writing.

The other options will not be used as frequently but using the erase tool can be helpful if an error has been made, it will clear the hand written writing on the screen without saving it. All of the workbooks that the user creates can be shared or sent to other people of devices very easily.

There is a button at the top of the page that will send the file as an email attachment, upload the document to Dropbox or print it using Air Print. All of these features work perfectly and the simplicity of the program makes it extremely viable option for journalists, writers, completing essays or even doing homework.

Writing down ideas and thoughts onto a digital page could not be simpler with Simply Write. A very nice application and worth downloading.

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Download Simply Write from iTunes

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