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Sleep by MotionX

10 May 2014

Sleep by MotionX game review

Sleep by MotionX is designed to record sleeping patterns and help user’s measure natural human biomechanics to enhance sleeping patterns in a natural and non-invasive manner.

Sleep by MotionX does not only monitor the user’s body but can also suggest sleep cycles and optimal resting periods. Have you ever woken up feeling tired?

Lack of sleep effects many people in the modern world and it is not an uncommon occurrence. Sleep by MotionX can help the user to find optimal sleeping patterns.

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Sleep by MotionX screenshots

It can also suggest the best time of day to take a power nap and can advise the length of time that the user should rest. The built-in smart alarm system can be activated to help guide the user into reaching ideal sleeping patterns.

The application contains some relaxing sound tracks and auto-fades when the person is asleep. The user’s personal music collection can also be put into the playlist. Sleep by MotionX will save the data it records which can be analysed to monitor sleep patterns.

By using the program as a guide it will help the user to feel refreshed and lively each morning. The alarm system can be set up to wake you up gently or suddenly. Various alarm noises are available and vibration can be turned on and off.

The user can even wake up to their favourite song or radio station (with internet connection). The program does not only monitor sleep patterns but also how active the user is during the day. Alerts can be activated to send messages when the user is being lazy, or resting for too long.

The recommended sleeping pattern will change according to the amount of exercise the user does during the day. A voice coach can be activated to help motivate the user while doing certain activities or exercise.

Sleep by MotionX application is compatible with all devices using iOS 4. 3 and later. The program can monitor the user’s heart rate when resting and exercising.

By selecting the appropriate option the person can use the device camera to visually see their pulse on a fingertip or monitor heart rate in a wave format. The technology used is similar to oximeters in a hospital.

To use Sleep by MotionX properly follow the instructions given within the quick start video. It is important to remember to follow them precisely so the program records information accurately. This is one of the first detailed and highly accurate programs to combine heart rate, exercise, movement and previous statistics to suggest optimal sleeping patterns and measure human biomechanics.

If followed accurately it will help improve the user’s awareness and tiredness within a short period of time. It is very easy to set up and the interface looks professional and user friendly. A very nice application that does exactly what it sets out to achieve.

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Download Sleep by MotionX from iTunes

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