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SpotMe Payments

26 Jan 2014

SpotMe Payments game review

SpotMe Payments is the latest release from the developers Boomerang Digital, Inc.

If like me you often have trouble keeping on top of your finances, working out what you have spent, who you owe money too and who owes you money then this app is great for you. As soon as I began to navigate this app I could instantly see how useful it could be and also in so many different situations.

I have often been out with friends and during the course of the evening lent a friend some money to pay for a cab or additional drinks and then forgot about it the following day.

SpotMe Payments::By Boomerang Digital, Inc. SpotMe Payments::By Boomerang Digital, Inc. SpotMe Payments::By Boomerang Digital, Inc. SpotMe Payments::By Boomerang Digital, Inc. SpotMe Payments::By Boomerang Digital, Inc.

SpotMe Payments screenshots

This app will immediately let you input that information so you can see and keep track of who owes you money and for what reason. The app does a lot more than that however. If you lend money from a friend or they cover a bill for you, then you can input how much this is, state which friend you owe money too and the reason why.

If you pay part of the money back you can also put this in and you are left with a balance of what is due. Whatever the reason whether it be a film ticket, rent, petrol, tickets for a show or even food shopping you can use this app to lend and pay back money by simply the push of a button.

You can keep track on the amounts of money you are owed or see how much you out. One feature I was particularly impressed with was the fact that if like me you feel uncomfortable asking people to pay back money that they owe you then you can simply remind them with one of the great features on this app.

The app will send that person a notification gently reminding them that they owe you money and asking them to pay you back. The app is so easy to use and really does help you keep on top of your finances.

It was kept very simple and all information was very easy to find and read. The initial screen is split into two segments – one stating the money you owe and on the right hand side it states how much you are owed.

The pages will then show friends / acquaintances, their photograph and how much they owe. The app even does group listings which is ideal if you are going on a trip or holiday and one person is in charge of the finances and organisations.

It certainly would stop a lot of confusion and arguments. There is a set of tabs at the bottom of the screen which may vary slightly from page to page depending on whether you are looking at an owe or owed page.

This tabs are remind, settle, lend, borrow or split. They are so straight forward and easy to follow that it would be hard to go wrong with this app. The illustrations are very simple yet professional looking and in my eyes do their job.

This is a fantastic little app which I for one will be using on a regular basis and certainly recommend it.

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Download SpotMe Payments from iTunes

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