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07 Jan 2014

spread game review

Spread is a Social Networking application that works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

This program needs an internet connection – either Wi-Fi or 3G and requires iOS 5 or later. Spread is designed to bring people and their interests together. It enables users to connect with others who share similar interests and discover what is happening all around the world.

As the user opens the application they will be confronted with an ever changing mosaic of images. This looks quite overwhelming at first, towards the bottom of the screen are two options –Login and Sign up.

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spread screenshots

If the user does not have a Spread account then they should choose the signup button to register. Creating an account can be done in two different ways, by inputting the information manually or logging in via Facebook.

It is important to remember that Spread is a social networking website. If you have already signed up on the website – it is possible to use the same account for this app. Once logged in the user is taken to the overview screen.

At first this will look quite basic. By selecting the profile picture (it will be a blank silhouette if it is a new account) will take the user to the settings screen. From here it is possible to edit the profile, invite friends to the application, various notification settings and the logout option.

If Spread seems complicated at first there is a short tutorial video in the settings area that will help a tremendous amount. This program focuses a large amount on sharing images. It is possible to share images from Facebook, saved images that are stored on the device or by taking a picture with the camera.

To add or take images tap on the top right corner of the overview screen, the icon looks like a camera. It will load up the camera with the ability to browse files or folders at the bottom of the screen.

To add an image, click on it and then give it a category, name and description. Click on save and the image will be uploaded to the server. All images will be public unless the user slides the padlock across to ‘lock’ it when creating the Spread.

Spreads are the images that are uploaded. All of the users Spreads are shown towards the top of the overview screen, with the activity feed towards the bottom. The screen will expand and the user will need to use a scrolling motion with their finger to view all of the information as more Spreads are uploaded to the server.

At the very bottom is the option to browse categories and search for images of interest to you. Overall this application has some very nice features and is very simple to use. The layout is neat and very easy to understand.

Spread loads pages quickly and allows the users with similar interests to connect without intruding on privacy. A very nice social networking app!

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Download spread from iTunes

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