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01 Nov 2014


Are you starting your own diet now? Do you want to know more about how to effectively get the best diet that you want?

Well the newest app from diet expert will help you with that. Introducing the Crowdiet application. 



Bad Bathroom beta game review

We have all been in one. A really filthy bathroom, one that totally violates the standards of cleanliness. The worst thing is that you sometimes find this in restaurants!

These types of situations are considered a felony and an establishment in such conditions is liable to sanitary regulations. Let me introduce to you an application that allows you to report a nasty bathroom online.

The Speedometer game review

It doesn’t matter what you do, Speed is inevitably a part of your life.

Keep track of speed with the speedometer, right from your Apple gadget. The speedometer app is a popular app that can be found almost immediately on the Sports category. This app was launched on December 19, 2012. Since the good reception during launch, this App has not yet witnessed an upgrade.


22 Sep 2013

myCARFAX game review

“Mam, your car is about to break down. The steering is not working.

The lock of the doors is not working and the front wheels need to be changed as soon as possible. ” Just imagine how you would feel like when a pile of such problems are informed to you by your driver at once. A few minutes before your car was working so smoothly and now you have come to know that there is so much that needs to be fixed.


25 Nov 2013

DondeEsta game review

Nowadays, our mobile phones are our lifelines.

We use them for absolutely everything, from the obvious phone calls and text messages to engaging with friends in social media websites, as a camera, to read books, watch movies and play games. Among this myriad of choices, apps are becoming more and more complex, and it’s hard to find one that is straightforward, easy to use and, above all, truly useful.

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