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TimePlace App review

Owning an iPhone is a real time pleasure for a user, which helps him/her in browsing, navigation, and exploration of the aesthetic use of technology. Timeplace is one application that gives relaxation to customers in finding exotic places, things or services, which might exist in any city worldwide and at any time.

TimePlace has been ranked among the most reliable and useful applications downloaded and used by a varied users daily.


Keith Kantor game review


Keith Kantor has been, for 27 years, an advocate of natural food and healthy living across the United States. He is the CEO of Service Foods, Inc. since 1994, which is the largest natural food company in the US. He has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science.

The Speedometer game review

It doesn’t matter what you do, Speed is inevitably a part of your life.

Keep track of speed with the speedometer, right from your Apple gadget. The speedometer app is a popular app that can be found almost immediately on the Sports category. This app was launched on December 19, 2012. Since the good reception during launch, this App has not yet witnessed an upgrade.


22 Sep 2013

myCARFAX game review

“Mam, your car is about to break down. The steering is not working.

The lock of the doors is not working and the front wheels need to be changed as soon as possible. ” Just imagine how you would feel like when a pile of such problems are informed to you by your driver at once. A few minutes before your car was working so smoothly and now you have come to know that there is so much that needs to be fixed.

Autoist Diary Pro - Car Bike game review

Who doesn’t love his bike or car?

These are one of the most precious and useful things in our life. Can you imagine your life without your car/bike? How do you feel when your car accidently breaks down just because you forgot to get it serviced at a time? How do you feel when you forget the insurance renewal date of your vehicle? It is very annoying when something like that happens to you.


19 Jan 2014

EventiCal game review

Eventical for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is an events calendar that lists the festivals, concerts, charity days and other events in the selected area.

The events are listed on social networks and in the local city guides. When Eventical is first opened the user will be asked to allow location services. 

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