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Talk Urdu Phrasebook for English

22 Feb 2013

Talk Urdu Phrasebook for English game review
Phrase book for English is a new release by the developers S4BB limited.

This app will be of use on a daily basis to help you communicate with ease and give you the confidence to be able to ask for directions to a variety of places from restaurants and places to relax and have a drink of an evening.

Talk Urdu is divided into many different sections to ensure that there is something there to cover all of your needs and requirements which you may find yourself in during your journeys.

Talk Urdu Phrasebook for English::by S4BB Talk Urdu Phrasebook for English::by S4BB Talk Urdu Phrasebook for English::by S4BB Talk Urdu Phrasebook for English::by S4BB

Talk Urdu Phrasebook for English screenshots

All of the phrases contained within this app are very simple and easy to follow. The phrases are spelt out phonetically in both English language and Urdu.

In addition to the words being spelt out clearly for you to help you pronounce them you will also find that the app includes a very handy and useful sound file which you can listen to. So not only will you be able to read how the word sounds but you can also listen to it which will make it so easy for you to learn and repeat.

The app also has a really useful search system. Not only is this easy to use but it will help you to find the phrase you need promptly and at ease. You will not have to trawl from section to section to find the phrase you require.

You simply put what you need in to the search system and the app will help you find what you need straight away. This is very useful if you are in a rush or in the case of an emergency.

The different sections within the app cover a wide variety of subjects to make sure all area’s of the language you will need to use are covered. The first section will cover all the basics you will need to know.

The next section will contain phrases you will need to be able to ask should you encounter or problem or in the case of an emergency you become ill and need the assistance of a doctor or some other medical professional.

Another section will cover numbers which will come in very handy when you use money or ask for a specific quantity of items. Another every day scenario is time. You will need to know the times of trains and what time shows starts and places open. The section on time will come in very useful for this.

Another section will cover all aspects related to transportation such as buses, trains etc and any directions you may need to ask.
Lodgings and hotel phrases are also contained within the app to help you firstly find your accommodation and then any help you may need whilst booking in.

Should you need help with finding a telephone, internet, money, places to east and drink, a person of authority, driving or even just shopping, all this will be contained with in the app. Anything you need to ask about or find will be in this app to help you on your way during your travels.

Whilst this particular app is network connected you do have the option to cache all of the sound files so you do not need to worry about becoming connected to the internet in order to use it.

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Download Talk Urdu Phrasebook for English from iTunes

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