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The Speedometer

14 Nov 2013

The Speedometer game review

It doesn’t matter what you do, Speed is inevitably a part of your life.

Keep track of speed with the speedometer, right from your Apple gadget. The speedometer app is a popular app that can be found almost immediately on the Sports category. This app was launched on December 19, 2012. Since the good reception during launch, this App has not yet witnessed an upgrade.

The existing version, version v1. 0 continues to function smoothly, without having to witness any customer qualms. The app occupies a relatively small storage capacity of 9. 7MB.

The Speedometer::By Basit Ali

The Speedometer screenshots

This app is available in various other languages apart from English. It is available in Spanish, Northern Sami and German as well. The developer, Basit Ali as infused in this app the finest technologies available.

This app is available exclusively on the App Store that is fitting only with the iOS. The app is compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and iPad. The iOS need to be at least version 4. 3. If it is a later version, the app can be more accessible.

The app, when it was developed, was designed specifically for the iPhone 5. This might probably be why this app is highly optimized for this Phone. This application includes Analog and Digital speedometers.

The speedometers are based on the Phones’ or iPads’ inbuilt GPS. It is like a GPS for the phone, which contains a GPS. This is the only confusing part of this app. It gives the user freedom to change the scale as and when required.

The app can also turn on or turn off an alarm. The app operates not just with miles per hour (mph), but also with kilometers per hour (km/h) and meters per second (MPs). Even feet per second and knots are acceptable.

The speedometer uses both analog and digital signals. The analog signal gives information using a needle and a calibrated scale. The digital signals however, give you a digital and an accurate reading of your speed, correct to the millimeter.

This is used mostly in cases, where accuracy is the need of the hour. If you set a particular speed in your Speedometer app, an alarm sounds when and if you exceed the determined speed. This alarm can keep you well within the speed limits.

The App can be a life-saving at times. You no longer have to be worried about getting a ticket for crossing the speed limit. To calculate the approximate time it would take you to reach your destination, you can use this App.

In case you are in a public mode of transport, you can predict your arrival time by just constantly assessing your speed. One of the most secure apps, the speedometer can be checked often by making a small pit-stop to avoid diversion while driving.

After all ‘eyes on the road’ always comes first! Catch up with the speedy world with your speedometer. Download it now!

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