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LifeSaver Web Browser game review

At last - LifeSaver Web Browser: a mobile internet browser especially for seniors and those with special needs. Toronto based LifeSaver Web Browser today announces the release of LifeSaver Web Browser for the iPad.

Created to give seniors and the special needs community alike the access to a mobile web browser that’s designed to work around their needs, LifeSaver Web Browser offers an innovative mobile web browsing experience that’s intuitive and easy enough for anyone to use. 

Travel journals Travel photos game review

You are about to travel, to discover the world, a country or just doing a city break for the week-end?

Travel journals & Travel photos is the app you need to keep tracks of your journey and to share it with your friends, family or with everyone. During your trip you will be able to create your travel journal, add text and photos.


Secret App - Private Albums Manager game review

Due to the nature of the iPhone and the iPad, these devices are easy to pass around and be used by multiple people.

This, in part, is one of the reasons why these devices have become so loved within our society. The ease-of-use and the sharing capabilities make these devices capable and necessary. There are times, however, when you do not want to have your content to be looked viewed.

Scan and Protect quickly scan and secure documents game review

Tallinn based Foxomo today announces the release of Scan & Protect for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

An eloquently simple yet eminently powerful document security and storage portal, Scan & Protect gives users a digital vault where they can save photo scans of any documents they need to securely.


GiGi game review

Force Interactive and GiGi, LLC today announce the recent release of the GiGi Environment for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android devices, and Mac and PC based computers.

GiGi enables users to stay securely connected from any mobile device or through the web.

Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas game review

North Logan, Utah based Fishington Studios today announces the release of Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches and Ideas for the iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.

A practical digital sketching app, Sketchworthy gives the power to create, save and share as many different notebooks as they need, edit drawings via intuitive touch based tools and add in annotations, photos and more on demand from anywhere.


AdTracker game review

AdTracker is the latest release from the developers Hostile Bacon.

Upon immediate perusal I could see straight away the usefulness of this app and what an asset it would be to any growing business.

GameServer Remote Control game review

This latest app has been released by the developers Chatcom. net.

GameServer Remote control can be seen from the outset as a very clever and useful little app. In a nutshell this app is a query tool to help administrating gameservers.


Baby Names and Meanings - Popular Baby Names Generator for Boys and Girls game review

This is the latest app released by the developers Tsavo.

If you are an expectant parent then this is the app for you. As soon as I began to navigate my way through this app I was instantly impressed by the beautiful graphics. The pictures featured of cute little babies are very apt for the genre of the app and the colours featured in the graphics were very striking and suitable.

RunGap game review

If you are a sporting enthusiast, into keep fit or just trying to stay healthy, RunGap is an awesome app that can help you.

When the program is setup RunGap will bring many different, smaller applications together for very easy usability and functionality. The apps that it currently supports are Garmin, RunKeeper, Endomondo and MapMyFitness.


AccessToGo Remote Desktop RDP Client review

AccessToGo is an application that allows you to connect to your (or other peoples) computer while using your phone or tablet.

It is available on Apple and Android products. This app is one of the fastest and smoothest Remote Desktop Controllers available and best of all it is free! To enable your device to connect to the computer you have to turn on these options in the operating system settings and allow your firewall to give the device access.

Hummingbird Point-of-Sale game review

Hummingbird Point-of-Sale is a fantastic app released by the developers On Top Of It Solutions LLC.

After spending some time navigating this app I could see its potential very early on and what an asset this app could be. This app basically will help any business in the restaurant genre take orders very quickly and efficiently.

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