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EventiCal game review

Eventical for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is an events calendar that lists the festivals, concerts, charity days and other events in the selected area.

The events are listed on social networks and in the local city guides. When Eventical is first opened the user will be asked to allow location services. 

New York Coffee Guide game review

Ever since the year 1530 when the first coffee shop opened in Istanbul, people have longed to gather together, relax, and enjoy a good hot cup of "Joe".

Knowing where to find the best coffee shop or coffee house can be challenging, especially when there are so many coffee shops to visit in New York City.


Kpop Lyrics Plus game review

So you like Kpop music, but do not know how to speak Korean, or sing along to the Korean Kpop songs?

Well, now your dilemma is over. I am someone who has been following the Kpop scene for a while now, but I am, unfortunately, also a person who does not speak Korean at all. The best I can do is hum to the Kpop sounds, and mumble my way through it.

BoxCryptor game review

Box Cryptor is an app which will enable you to back up all of your files in a drop box and then encrypt it with the app. The app is extremely easy to use and can be used at any time!

Not only is the app simple to use and befitting to all situations you may be in when using it but is also will not put your safety at risk.


junaio - Augmented Reality Browser game review

Junaio is a handy little app released by the creators Metaio inc.

Junaio is a reality browser and after spending some time with this app I would say that it is probably one of the most up to date reality browser currently available on the market. I found the controls very simple and easy to use and the app itself was quite quick to navigate and find your way around.

Polaris Office game review

Polaris Office is a mobile office solution which will allow a person look at and make changes to various MS Office documents by using either their iPhone or iPad.

The app is also available for Mac OS. The best thing about this app is that it is universal. Because of this feature it will support all viewing of MS word documents as previously stated but also Power Point and Excel files. 
This is your complete package to view and edit office documents.


Haloo - Live Chat, Dating, Meet New People game review

The one thing about social networking for dating purposes is that it's supposed to be social.

I know a lot of people who have Facebook accounts, but they don't have too many friends, mainly because they're not getting out much, or they don't know whom to network with. Dating using social networking should be fun, easy and safe.

Easy Words! game review

Easy Words is an iPhone app that helps the user to learn key words from over thirty foreign languages.

The user can set the app to convert from English, or their native language, into their chosen language that they wish to learn. This gives the program a very versatile and effective edge on other similar software.


 Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun game review

You along with your fellow colleagues have fallen into an unexpected adventure.

There’s an island named Prospero’s Island which is present in the Mediterranean region and consists of hidden treasure. You have the chance to find the lost treasure which might be present in the labyrinths or underground caves. At the beginning of the treasure hunt, you would be given a sum of $25,000 to help you.

LoginBox - Website Login Manager and Password Keeper, Secure Keychain Wallet game review

Are you fed up of reentering web addresses and passwords again and again on your mobile phone’s web browser?

Are you looking for an alternate way to make this boring work a bit easier and safer? If you’re, then consider using LoginBox. This is one the best password keeper and website manager at the app store. If you own an iPhone or iPad, this is one of the most useful and required utility in your phone.


Chester Walls Quest game review

Chester Wall Quest is an exciting new application designed for iPhone and iPad; it requires iOS 4 or later.

The application is designed to teach users about the history of the Chester Walls in a fun and stimulating adventure style game. As the program is opened it will ask for a team name, by creating a team it will unlock the first achievement.

OddsTrader game review

If you trade in the stock market, then you are probably familiar with different ways that the stock market trends can be analysed to reduce the risk for any given transaction and maximise the yields that can be gained for a particular stock.

One such method of analysis used in the financial market is called Hurst Channels.


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