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Alone in the tower

05 Feb 2014

Alone in the tower game review

Looking for a challenge that takes you to the adrenaline filled edge of survival instincts?

Then "Alone in the tower" is the game for you. There will be many fierce battles and loads of close call situations for you to get through. Alone in the tower is an action packed survival game that gives the tower defence genre a new spin by placing you into the tower.

There won't be any reinforcements or help from friends, it's just you against the enemies. The creatures will come in numerous forms, from the lowly grunts and fast scouts to heavy monsters and dragons.

Alone in the tower::By Viima Games Alone in the tower::By Viima Games Alone in the tower::By Viima Games

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Wave after wave of the dark ones will defeat you unless you have good reflexes, precise accuracy and cunning strategy. The plot of Alone in the Tower is rather straightforward: you are all alone, in a medieval tower, on a hill, at midnight.

The demons and monsters of the dark forest are coming to eat you because, well, that is what demons do, and you must fend them off by hurling boulders at them from of the top of the tower. You are taking a last stand of survival against these dark creatures at the top of a abandoned medieval tower that stands on a grassy hill looking over the dark forest.

Your view is 360 degrees in every direction but the only thing you can see is trees and more trees, except when from the edge of the forest the first monsters arrive. After you've hurled a few boulders at the creatures and they've died you realize that this is just the beginning.

More and more of them are coming from all directions and you have to scare them off a bit by throwing a firebomb at the fast group closing in on you so that you can concentrate at the main group slowly nearing the tower.

If the creatures get into your castle they will destroy a part of it until there is nothing left to devour except you. All of this seems like a breeze to handle but there's a catch, the hill and the boulders are jagged.

But this is all very easy to understand while playing thanks to the almost life like physics model applied to the game world. This makes hitting the enemies a little tricky but with practice you can master the art of crushing monsters with rocks.

Getting that perfect hit among a large group of enemies and then seeing them getting thrown around and crushed by the boulder gives you an amazing feeling of achievement. As for the game play, there are no hard to reach virtual buttons as the game is controlled solely on touch gestures.

Sliding a finger sideways changes the direction you are facing. To throw a rock you slide a finger upwards and release to throw. Sliding with two fingers throws a firebomb. So if you are looking for challenge or just a different take on a beloved gaming genre of tower defence, try out "Alone in the tower".

It will thrill you with fast paced action after setting an astonishing mood with the slow creeping start.

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