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16 Oct 2013

Amoebattle game review

The story of the game centres on a scientist who is exploring the tiny kingdom with a special command structure along with a specialist companion.

The player has to do some initial investigations, but whilst these investigations are taking place the player stumbles across a bad “Amoe” which is trying to ruin the ecological complex which has been put in place. The player must investigate the Amoe and try to find out where they came from.

The explanation of the story is very convincing and works well to progress to game without taking away the entertainment value. 

The game uses typical RTS commands and controls whilst also introducing some new features. The assignments the players have to participate in include a certain secret element as well as having to defend themselves and complete tasks. There are limited benefits to collect or make special items.

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As the player starts the assignment they are put in charge of a one man team in the form of robot who answers to the name of AMI. He assists the player through the game giving advice and help. As the game progresses new features are added from commanding your own team to entering into combat with the opposition. Before the player is sent off to the kingdom the robot will prepare them thoroughly.

At the players progresses through the game and triumphs against the opposition they must keep an eye on the score which is based upon food. Extra food can not be accumulated or bought. The only way to increase your supply is by increasing your troops. If you are not hungry the player can increase the team from one up to 25 smaller team mates. The larger the team has no effect on the controls and does not make it more difficult to command them.

The game is certainly testing and holds several hours of play. A majority of the game place occurs during the last few assignments. It must be said that the difficult rating of this game is extremely difficult! Initially the game enters you into play at a steady pace, showing you the ropes and showing you the commands, however, after this initial period is over, the game really gets going and the combat starts.

There are certain features to assist you in the game such as the ability to multiply. This can only happen when the food score is high enough. You can get a higher score by various methods such as modes of combat and consuming various things. In addition to food points, power is also a strength to be gained and this is done so by catching numerous items. The player can use their strengths to multiply for fire a selection of missiles onto the fighting area. The missiles can alter the speed of the opposition or inject them with a chemical. All in all, Amoebattle is a great game that can be fun to play on iOS devices.

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