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Ant War

08 May 2014

Ant War (Official) game review

Remember when you as a little kid had an ant farm and loved it!

You are probably feeling nostalgic as you wished you could make one now, except that now you are afraid they will run away. Well, guess what? You now get a chance to make your ant farm and build it up, make it bigger, grow more ants; all without the fear of losing control!

I am talking about Ant War, a great strategy game that will captivate you and give you tons of fun. Start with a small ant farm in the backyard and build an empire of ants!

Ant War (Official)::By Anarchy Enterprises Ant War (Official)::By Anarchy Enterprises Ant War (Official)::By Anarchy Enterprises Ant War (Official)::By Anarchy Enterprises

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So, as the slogan of the game recites, with Ant War you will build the ultimate colony. This game will get you hours of fun as you try several strategies to build your ant empire. Are you ready? I´m telling you, it is exciting!

The purpose of this game is to make your ant farm grow. And how is that done? By harvesting more ants. There are several ways to do so. So you are going to start by selecting which is going to be your ant type.

You can chose between harvesters, weavers, carpenters, leaf cutters, and fire ants. The one you chose is going to guide you through every stage of the game. For every stage you will be given four types of ants that will perform several tasks and you must decide what percent of each you need to do the job required every day.

You need scouts to gather more food to feed the ants. But getting more and more food is pointless if you do not have ants to eat them, you need more ants. The nurses will help here so maybe you want to select a few more of them to hatch more ants.

More ants means that you need a bigger space, it seems like a job for workers as they will dig more nest. So now what? Well, not everything is perfect at the nest and sometimes an ant farm must thrive against certain conditions and mishaps.

Sometimes it´s great weather out there and sometimes it´s pretty bad. But that is not the only thing that threatens the farm. There are wasp armies, the mad dog, monster rats, giant beetles, deadly toads, the crazy chicken and some bosses: Buster the Bully, The exterminator, Mr.

Suburbia and many more foes that will try to decrease your ant population. A good percent of soldiers will increase your colony´s attack and defense ratings. Decide on your defense and/or attack based on your chances of winning.

Remember that going to attack will have casualties, but some sacrifices must be made for the sake of the entire colony. Every day you will have Grandpa Ant which will give you advices on what to do for every day.

It will give you advice on where to move the colony to skip heavy weather. Making it through every day will give you gems. These gems can be traded for some other bonus features. There is a lot more in Ant War to make it even more exciting.

Go ahead and build your ant empire now!

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