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29 Apr 2013

AntiViral game review

AntiViral is an exciting mix of old-school style with slick modern controls.

It is a fun new spin to the top-down shooter genre. Instead of flying your ship, you control a variety of attacks and defenses literally at your fingertips. In AntiViral you play as a small craft that enters the human body to fight off a new deadly virus.

You are man’s last hope against this seemingly unstoppable virus spreading across the globe. The ship has three different weapon systems and a shield that all use a different touch command to use.

AntiViral::By Red Tentacle Studios AntiViral::By Red Tentacle Studios AntiViral::By Red Tentacle Studios AntiViral::By Red Tentacle Studios AntiViral::By Red Tentacle Studios

AntiViral screenshots

The cannon can be used by swiping your finger from the ship towards your enemy. This attack varies in speed by how you swipe, and can plow through masses of enemies. The bomb is exactly what you'd think, tap the screen and watch nearby enemy viruses explode.

The final weapon is my personal favorite, the chain-lightning gun, which allows you to draw from one virus to another and another (and so forth), then watch as they all get zapped. Then there is the shield system where you place two fingers down and they become connected by a shield.

This shield is temporary so use it wisely. There are hordes of different virus types that all have their own fiendish ways of taking you out. If you manage to get through those, then there are giant boss fights with deadly mechanics to keep you on your toes.

Then when you think you’ve finally beaten the game, you unlock “Hard Mode”where your skills and wits will be sorely tested. Of course as things get more and more difficult the player will have to upgrade his ship in order to survive.

You gain credits by killing off viruses, collecting molecule fragments and completing levels. Those credits can be used to upgrade all the different weapons, shields, as well as extra health or lives. After each boss the player will get to play a bonus level where he controls the ship.

You see the ship from behind and move it to avoid obstacles and collect molecule fragments. This breaths a bit of fresh air into the gameplay while still testing your dexterity. Throughout the game you will collect molecule fragments which unlock a 3d molecule chain in our trophy room.

You can spin the molecule and also read interesting information about it, helping you learn a little science along the way. The graphics are a gorgeous throwback to old top-down shooters with some modern elements thrown in.

The music keeps up with an energetic pace and a sci-fi feel. The sound then adds a nice squishy feel when you see a virus splatter on your screen. This family friendly game is intuitive enough that a child can can pick it up and play, and yet still challenging enough for an adult to enjoy.

AntiViral is a blast to play and has enough longevity for an extended play session, or just pick up and play through a single level when you only have a short time to play. AntiViral is getting great reviews and in one of those a reviewer said “At the end of the day, it’s fun to play. ” - Josh “Lore” AllenIf you enjoy enjoy top-down shooters but are looking for some invigorating new concepts on the old formula, then AntiViral is the game for you.

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