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Army of Darkness Defense

10 Dec 2013

Army of Darkness game review

In Army of Darkness Defense you play Ash, who is the protagonist in the film. You move around your environment by touching either the left or right hand side of the screen so that you can attack the oncoming hordes of enemies that are after the Necronomicon – the all-powerful book of the dead.

If these baddies get the book, it’s the end of all life as we know it, so you have to keep it safe.

You’ll have to use all of Ash’s special powers, like his shotgun – AKA “boom stick” – to keep these enemies at bay.

As well as your shotgun and chainsaw, you can also call on supporting units of peasants, knights, archers and even legendary characters like King Arthur to help you defeat the Deadite Army and keep the Necronomicon safe.

Army of Darkness Defense::by Backflip Studios Army of Darkness Defense::by Backflip Studios Army of Darkness Defense::by Backflip Studios Army of Darkness Defense::by Backflip Studios Army of Darkness Defense::by Backflip Studios

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This game is essentially a castle defense game, but in play it’s more like a 2D action game, an effect that’s heightened by the control you have over Ash’s movements.

Army of Darkness Defense is very addictive – it made a flight and two train rides zoom by for me. I wasn’t familiar with the Army of Darkness franchise before playing, but the quirky sense of humor in this game made me investigate it further. The simple control panel is highly appealing, too. You just hold one side of the screen to head in that direction, and tap on the icon of your choice to call on that unit or skill.

Once you’re near an enemy unit, Ash will start firing his trusty “boom stick” automatically, and your smithy will be making iron, which is used to call in more units to aid your quest.

I’m really impressed with the artwork in this game. The developers are brilliant at sprite-based animation, and so the game looks fantastic.

If you complete a round or pick up enough coins during battles, you can buy upgrades, like extra health, attack strength and special abilities. You can also upgrade the units you can summon, and add extra defense to the castle that’s housing the all-important Necronomicon. You’ll be asked to make some tough decisions, as you don’t have much in the coffers, so pick your upgrades wisely (you can buy in-game currency for real money if you want). It’s actually more fun to work with less money, because it means you can adapt your play to your style and personality – you could upgrade your peasants to be soldiers, or you can leavde them be and splash your cash on ranged troops. I really enjoyed finishing rounds because of the agonizing I could do over how best to spend my few coins.

You won’t really be challenged until Wave 40, when incoming units start to break through castle defenses. Thankfully, any coins you collect in a failed wave – or level – are retained and so you can bolster the parts of the castle that let you down.

This game has a casual simplicity to it that will appeal to pretty much everyone – but do be prepared for the sheer onslaught of the last few levels. Whether you love Army of Darkness or not, this is a game I recommend highly.

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