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Artifice of Solitaire

27 May 2014


Artifice of Solitaire game review

Solitaire is perhaps the most famous game of cards which is played all around the world.

It’s an awe-inspiring piece of game where it tests your knowledge and patience. With the basic understanding of cards anyone can be a master of this game.

Designers of Artifice of Solitaire App were determined to take solitaire to the next level by training users, providing demos, making it available at finger tips and providing different types of solitaire.

Artifice of Solitaire::By Maxim Leybovich Artifice of Solitaire::By Maxim Leybovich Artifice of Solitaire::By Maxim Leybovich Artifice of Solitaire::By Maxim Leybovich Artifice of Solitaire::By Maxim Leybovich

Artifice of Solitaire screenshots

I have seen my friends playing Artifice of Solitaire App, which inspired me to download it and check how engaging it was. Believe me Artifice of Solitaire App has some enticing mantras making me a fan of it.

Can’t admit! Download it either from iTunes or GooglePlay and get welcomed to the magic world of solitaire. Artifice of Solitaire App provides 5 modes like Play, Match Game, Tournament, Draft and Scheduled Games which will make you from a novice to an expert.

I seriously suggest everyone to click on the play button first- where you can customize the training and understand the app better. After the training phase, you can try the other modes of the game like Match, Tournament, Draft and Scheduled Games.

Welcome to the never ending journey of Solitaire. The developers of Artifice of Solitaire App have made sure that you have quiver is always fill with arrows and you are never bored. Let me talk about the 4 different games here: Klondike, Spider, Free Cell and Pyramid.

Klondike: This is the traditional Solitaire which is played with all the 52 cards. In Artifice of Solitaire App we have Deck, Pile and Foundations at the top; with seven set of card piles at the bottom.

Your main intention would be to pile the foundations with Ace to King of the same suite. The bottom 7 sets are populated with alternate colors of black and red. Spider: This is a very amazing game where 104 cards are used, depending on setting you can have from 1 to 4 suites here.

Deck and foundations are placed in the top and 10 fields at the bottom. Your objective is same to move all the cards to foundation, but the trick is the sequence in same suit will be formed in the below section and then can be moved to foundation.

The cards can be moved irrespective of the suite, just by taking care of ranks. Free Cells: Here the game goes into bit difficult stage. This game tests your patience and intelligence as all the 52 cards in a lot are distributed to the 8 fields in the below block, the top has 8 blank fields which is for free fields and foundations.

Ultimate goal is to have all the cards in the foundations. Cards are moved around in the below block as per their ranks. Use the free cells at the top to move towards your goal. Pyramid: This game is very innovative and my favorite.

You guys need to play this one. The game uses a 52 cards 4 suit deck. Deck, Pile and foundation for this game are at top and a pyramid at the bottom. As usual the foundation is at the top. Add the cards to make value of 13 in a row of pyramid to move it to the foundation.

Play it to know more about it. Few Controls worth knowing:• Redeals: It is limited and its limit is set in the settings to make the game interesting• Moving a card: Click and drag the card to the desired location• Zoom: Press and hold• Special Card: Click the cards at the bottom to get the special cardFriends what are you waiting for?

Download and enjoy this app and let me know your comments. I can write a couple of pages more on this stunning bewildering Artifice of Solitaire App.

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