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Astro Fighter Alpha

23 May 2014

 Astro Fighter Alpha game reviewDon’t you like a game with a mission? My mind keeps triggering with - “Mission needs to be accomplished”.

Astro Fighter Alpha App has the capacity to generate adequate interest in you wherein you dive with all your experience and expertise to make the “Mission Accomplished”. Assignment is to safely guide the Space Frigate Zeta through the heftily guarded Elrutian Quadrant.

Elrutians goal is to send wave after wave on their Epsilon Ramships to destroy you and rumble the Space Frigate Zeta. Let’s check on the functions which are so lucid that a kid can ponder and play.

Astro Fighter Alpha::By Brrapp Games Astro Fighter Alpha::By Brrapp Games Astro Fighter Alpha::By Brrapp Games Astro Fighter Alpha::By Brrapp Games

Astro Fighter Alpha screenshots

First and foremost thing to survive in space is to destroy your enemy. Astro Fighter Alpha App provides a Laser Gun to save us and destroy our enemies. Be careful that this gun on the protectorate is highly prone to overheating.

The Heat Meter on the bottom left corner of the screen indicates overheating. If it reaches the top the laser is overheated and stops functioning till it has cooled completely. Astro Fighter Alpha App developers have taken proper care of intimating the players by a warning sound when it reaches critical limit.

So keep firing the enemies till you hear that sound. The Blue Bar at the bottom indicates health of the protectorate. The ship will be destroyed once this bar is empty. Adjacent to the Blue Bar is the Red Bar which specifies the health of the Space Frigate.

Give more attention to the Space Frigate as it gets damaged faster than the space ship. Score at the bottom explains and monitors your performance against the Elrutian Ships. The Icon on the bottom right reveals the remaining enemy ships in the sector.

All these head up displays are meticulously arranged and defined in Astro Fighter Alpha App, so the users have all things handy and play accordingly. To add cheery on the cake, the developers of this wonderful app have the concept of Resupply Ships.

Resupply Ships: These ships provide you protector with the necessities while you try to conquer the sectors, destroy your enemies and protect the Space Frigate Zeta. Cooling Ship: If your laser is overheated and the attacks from enemy is getting fearsome, you can use this ship to instantly cool your Protector and fight out the Ramships.

Health Ship: Suppose your protector is badly hit and the blue bar is going down, look for the health ship (Shp with a plus sign) to regain back your health. Boom Ship: Utilizing this ship can destroy a random number of the Elrutian Ships.

Once my friend showed me the Astro Fighter Alpha App, I was over excited to download and run my fingers around it. Are you all not excited about it? Oh! I almost forgot to write how we move the Protector and fire our laser.

It’s very simple. Rotate you device to move the Protector up and down; Tap the screen to fire on enemy ships. Doesn’t it sound fun? The graphics of Astro Fighter Alpha App is simple and not distracting, helping you to concentrate on your enemy ships.

The Heads Up icon are crystal clear and go well with the set up. The background reminds me Star Wars and thus making it my favorite. The background score and warning sounds are superbly mingled to be very soothing to the ears.

Friends, I will go with a 5 star with this app as I can play it for hours without any issues. Come out of your shell and give it a try.

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