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Avernum Escape From the Pit HD

16 Dec 2013

Avernum Escape From the Pit HD game review

Spiderweb Software have created a game here reverting back in time to the genre of old school games that once were when RPG’s did not guide you step by step through game play.

This game is a complete saga which submerges you deeply into game play. This captivating game is very typical of previous infamous traditional games and is a must for all RPG enthusiasts.

This is a game in which a Kingdom is led by the brutal and volatile Emperor Hawthorne. If anyone within the Kingdom upsets the Emperor then he commits them into the huge underworld prison of Avernum.

The people of Avernum however have managed to survive by changing their way of life and making a culture in this cruel underworld. The player must command a team of pioneers which have been committed to the underworld prison.

Avernum Escape From the Pit HD::by Spiderweb Software Avernum Escape From the Pit HD::by Spiderweb Software Avernum Escape From the Pit HD::by Spiderweb Software Avernum Escape From the Pit HD::by Spiderweb Software Avernum Escape From the Pit HD::by Spiderweb Software

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During the game play, players will be introduced to a whole host of hopeless characters who have met with hard times. The player will get involved with neighbourhood arguments, communicate with original inhabitants of the town and battle in order to live whilst you try to come up with a scheme to break free and get even with the cruel Emperor.

You must take charge of four characters whilst on your adventure. You get to choose which four characters you would like before you start the game. In addition to choosing what they look like and what they are called, you can also decide on what their rank should be, i.e. a fighter or a person of a religious cause etc.. As you progress through the game you can help your characters strengthen their abilities and special powers. As a player you can also be educated from the numerous characters which you stumble across during your journey. If they are willing they will teach you a whole new variety of different skills which you did not know before. The game provides a wide range of abilities which you can use along your adventure and gives plenty of opportunity to make your characters as you wish them to be. You can mould them exactly how you want them.

The fight modes are split evening between all of the characters so they all have an opportunity to fight. Fighting is not straight forward however and there are a few things which should be noted. When a battle is taking place there are certain things that can influence a character, such as a spell for example which may dictate when a character gets to take his turn. When you have decided which particular member of the opposition you would like to destroy, you must strategically make a decision with regards to what action your character should take and then to perform this action all you need to do is make contact on to your target.

The fact that you as a player have so much control over the decisions which have to be made makes this game so entertaining. Straight from the off take, you as a player after transforming your characters into something you want personally, have the power to do what you like throughout the whole of this game. You may choose to be a strong benefit within the game or work alone. Whatever you decide, the route you wish to take and the influence you make is solely down to you as a player.

This game is very retro and traditional in genre, but this can only be a positive thing. The game has so many levels to it and a content that was created with a lot of dedication. As a player you will find yourself engrossed in this game and completing losing track of time as you do so.

For those who do not like the old school look, they must not let this put them off. This game is a little gem and anyone who gives in a chance will certainly like what they see and reap in the benefits.

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