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Baseball Outs

06 Feb 2014

Baseball Outs game review

Baseball Outs is a fun game for fans to play when they watch baseball.

A big part of being a baseball fan is thinking about what is going to happen next in the game. Baseball Outs turns thinking about what’s going to happen next into a game by letting fans predict the players who will record outs during an inning and compete against their friends.

For fans who want to add some excitement to watching baseball, Baseball Outs is a great game. To play Baseball Outs players form teams by taking turns picking one of the nine positions in the field.

Baseball Outs::By PlusSide, Inc. Baseball Outs::By PlusSide, Inc. Baseball Outs::By PlusSide, Inc. Baseball Outs::By PlusSide, Inc. Baseball Outs::By PlusSide, Inc.

Baseball Outs screenshots

Players get credit for an out when a position they picked records an out. If a player’s positions record two outs, they win the half-inning. One difference from standard baseball scorekeeping is that the fielder who fields the ball and throws a runner out gets credit for the out.

When a player wins a half inning they get one point from each of the other players and as a result each of the other players loses a point. This plus and minus points scoring system makes it easy to see who is winning points and who is losing points in case you want to play for more than just bragging rights.

There is an interesting element of strategy to the game. Players will want to consider the tendencies of pitchers and batters when choosing the positions in the field they think are most likely to record outs.

For example, an average pitcher facing the top of the batting order may not be a very good pick because strikeouts are unlikely. The game supports 2-4 players and is easy to setup and play. Players share a phone or tablet to play.

The player setting up the game adds players to the game from his or her address book, facebook friends list, a list of people he or she has played with before or by typing in player names. The game screen is a nicely designed baseball field where players tap a position in the field to select it.

After all the positions in the field have been selected, the players can then tap a position to record an out during the half-inning. At the end of the game there is an optional notification system that lets players share game results via email or facebook.

It is nice to see sharing on facebook is an optional feature so you don’t have to worry about the game sending messages to facebook unless you want it to. Baseball Outs appeals to a broad range of fans.

Serious fans can really go deep on the strategy around player tendencies when trying to predict the positions in the field that are likely to record an out in an upcoming inning. Casual fans and kids also enjoy the game because it gives them something to watch and root for on every pitch.

While Major League Baseball games obviously attract the most fans, Baseball Outs can be played when you watch any baseball or softball game. It could make a long Little League game a lot more fun for parents in the stands.

Baseball Outs is free to play for 36 innings. After 36 innings players can play 4 innings at a time or buy additional innings of play. A bundle of 18 innings cost $0. 99 and there are discounts on larger amounts of innings.

For baseball fans looking for a new way to enjoy baseball, playing Baseball Outs is a great way to make watching baseball even more fun.

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