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Beat Snake Bandit

22 Nov 2013

Beat Snake Bandit game review

Simogo’s new game Beat Snake Bandit keeps up with unique features like great visuals, good music, what you experienced already with The Bumpy Road game.

In order to initiate the bandit’s movement you need to tap the screen while the music plays. The bandit will move always in a forward direction, and if you want to make any further movements, like turning around, he needs an obstacle to bump into.

The music plays a major role in this outstanding game, this way the bandit’s performance is on a high level through the game. 

Beat Snake Bandit::by Simogo Beat Snake Bandit::by Simogo Beat Snake Bandit::by Simogo Beat Snake Bandit::by Simogo Beat Snake Bandit::by Simogo

Beat Snake Bandit screenshots

To name a few obstacles, like the edge of the screen, a wall, or a security guards back, it could be anything. As you play your way through the game, more obstacles will be thrown in your way by Duke Clockface in hope to catch the bandit. You play the Beat Snake Bandit, breaking into the private chambers of Duke Clockface, who has stolen, for some notorious reasons, all the clocks from Pulsebury.

Your job is to take back all the clocks without being caught.  You first have to learn that you can only move with the beat. While the music plays in the background it loops every few seconds, and you have to tap the screen to the rhythm, this making the Bandit to move forward. Since you are restricted to forward movement, to navigate each stage, you have to bump into walls to make your avatar advance to the opposite direction.

Furthermore there are guards everywhere, who will stop you, if you are spotted, which makes moving to the beat only a small part of the challenge.

Success is not just about avoiding detection, another essential matter is some advance planning, to make sure you get all your bonus clocks cunningly placed about each level..

The music is exceptionally produced; its rhythm does not resemble any other modern video game. The horns and drums play a major role offering the music a funky taste. The shadow levels are memorable parts, changing the pace with a smooth jazz vibe. Similarly to other success stories on the AppStore, this game’s essence is in its simplicity.

At first glance it may look like a usual platformer, with features from classics such as Donkey Kong, Manic Miner and Mario, Simogo has come up with something new by adding rhythm to this game. It can be played with just one finger, and one beat tapping action, all this proves its professional design.

From a visual point of view, Beat Snake Bandit is brilliant. The art-style brings Hana Barbara to mind, particularly the backgrounds and credits in their opening credits for Bewitched. It’s a style made popular recently with the opening credits for Catch me if you can, not containing any typical game graphics whatsoever.

One of the best parts in the game is that, everything moves to the beat, from characters to background elements, furthermore the way the levels are built and the way everything falls apart whenever you fail. Every aspect was perfectly crafted form the high level game design to the setting of the menus.

If you enjoy platforming game and are looking for reasonable priced time killer, this game is good choice.

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