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Bee Leader

06 Oct 2013

Bee Leader game review

This game puts you in the role of chief bee and as chief it is up to you to look after the hive. In order to do this job you must collect together the smaller bees which are wandering around, you must locate flower and then collect as much pollen as you physically can and take it back to the hive.

You will have to fly around your environment, locating honey and trying to stay out of the way of harmful spiders and wasps. You must attempt to do as much as you can before it turns dark and night is upon you.

As in reality the main job of the chief bee is to gather as much nectar as you can before night fall. The nectar is randomly placed in the sky on every stage as well as on flowers which are jam packed with it. When you manage to collect enough nectar together you are then allowed to go onto the next stage.

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The game sounds quite simple and fun, which it is, as the chief bee buzzes around collecting nectar, however there are also some challenging moments. Irate hornets and storm clouds keep you on your toes and you must try your best to stay of their way. If they run into you then you will lose nectar. The game has more requirements than just buzzing around collecting nectar. As you play you will discover bonuses which if you manage to collect them will give you extra time and additional bee buddies whom will chase you around and help you collect even more nectar which will contribute to you doing well within the game.

The game really is a huge attraction which will tug on the heart strings of any player with its stunning visuals and cute little characters. Every aspect of the game is agreeable including the menu screen which is a rarity.

Every time your chief bee stumbles into something it shouldn’t then you will drop a bit of the nectar you have. This can have a detrimental effect on your game play and some of the opposition are quite eager and hard for you to avoid. This is where things get tricky. You have to both balance your nectar have managed to accumulate whilst trying to stay in accordance with the strict time limit as well as popping back to your hive to safe guard the previously collected nectar. The game can be difficult and you must stick to the time limits.

In addition to your investigations, avoiding spiders and clouds, you must also search for items. Bee buddies are scattered around each stage in secret locations and for each of these that you manage to find then you will be rewarded with a bigger bonus of honey. At night fall you honey will be counted up. If your hive is more than half full then you will be able to go onto the next stage. You may also even be able to advance your bee which will give it higher capabilities. There is also a score board you can contest against on for the hives.

The menus are simplistic and lovely in appearance. The stages are ingenious and designed with great craftsmanship. All in all the features presents a beautiful bold game. The game is very cute and will make you become a fan of bees. I would certainly suggest you give this game a little of your time as you will be pleased with what it has to offer.

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