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Bees Gone Bonkers Full

03 Mar 2014

Bees Gone Bonkers Full game review

Bees Gone Bonkers is a physics-based game with an incredibly simple goal and increasingly challenging levels.

It's a perplexing cross between arcade and puzzle, a game where the player excels either through opportunistic patience and strategy, or with a quick finger and reflexes. The beauty of its gameplay lies in how it accommodates different play styles, making it suitable for gamers of many tastes and ages.

The game controls are quite intuitive: touching and holding the screen spawns a circle that keeps growing at a steady rate while you hold it.

Bees Gone Bonkers Full::By Byte-Pronto Games Bees Gone Bonkers Full::By Byte-Pronto Games Bees Gone Bonkers Full::By Byte-Pronto Games Bees Gone Bonkers Full::By Byte-Pronto Games Bees Gone Bonkers Full::By Byte-Pronto Games

Bees Gone Bonkers Full screenshots

When released, a ball (or one of many other kinds of round objects) physically spawns, taking up space. The goal is to fill up at least two thirds (66%) of the total area of the screen, using, preferably, the least amount of balls.

The actual challenge is to avoid bees that are constantly criss-crossing and bumping each other all over the screen. When a bee touches your circle, it pops and you lose a life – three strikes and you're out!

Your choices are to either let go of the screen as soon as they're about to touch the circle, or avoid them altogether, for as long as you can, by moving your finger around. At first, the game is played inside a beehive, there's only one bee, and the balls are bubbles of honey.

As you progress through the levels, the number of bees increases. You'll quickly grasp the game's mechanics as you learn to narrowly avoid them, and the useful skill of trapping bees by spawning balls on top of them, big enough to restrict their movements.

Regular bees are very predictable, so the game introduces new kinds of bees over time. First are the “cranky” bees: they're angry and chase balls you're trying to spawn. They can severely limit the size of balls you can make.

On the other hand, you always have a certain control over them, because they're always busy chasing your finger around. With time, you learn to use that to your advantage! Next come the “downer” bees. Spending all day “binge drinking on honey to drown out their existential crisis”, they're big, slow, strong, and can push most balls out of their way.

It's almost impractical to trap them under the weight of balls, and they're even strong enough to, as a consequence, set other bees free. The challenge of the game lies in mixing and matching different kinds of bees in varying numbers, often restricting the amount of balls you can use to solve each level.

Bees Gone Bonkers takes you from locations as mundane as a grocery store, a sports shop, and an amusement park, to outlandish and exuberant scenarios like the bottom of the ocean, outer space, and a disturbingly hypnotic ambiance you can only imagine to be another dimension!

Each world has its own set of rules and often introduces new kinds of bees, each with their own behaviour and short, nonsensically silly back stories! The graphics are very clear-cut and colorful. The sound effects are comically cartoonish, and the music goes from a playful orchestral polka to cheerful electronic jingles, with a markedly tropical influence.

It's the first game created by Byte-Pronto Games, a small company out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, run by two brothers, Dario Gomes and Daniel Gomes, both artists and coders (their cartoon-styled portraits are featured in the game's credits).

Available for the iOS and Android platforms, the game has already been translated to seven different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Russian) with more to come. With bizarre physics, gorgeous scenarios, cheerful music and sounds, and intuitive but flexible gameplay, Bees Gone Bonkers is pure and wholesome arcade-style puzzle madness, for casual and hard-core gamers alike!

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