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Blade Journey-Kungfu Run

23 Mar 2014

Blade Journey-Kungfu Run game review

If you like the third person adventure fantasy games, and you like action adventure style gaming, then you will want to check out a new app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad called "Blade Journey: Kungfu Run".

This game is a run, jump, slash and kill the monsters variety, but it is the first time that I have seen a running game turned into an adventure game at the same time. The result, however, is pure addiction.

First, when you start the game, you will be prompted if you want to use the Game Center to track and maintain your high scores and compare those with other people.

Blade Journey-Kungfu Run::By Jie Chen Blade Journey-Kungfu Run::By Jie Chen Blade Journey-Kungfu Run::By Jie Chen Blade Journey-Kungfu Run::By Jie Chen Blade Journey-Kungfu Run::By Jie Chen

Blade Journey-Kungfu Run screenshots

This is a single player game, but you can share your scores to Game Center and be part of that community from within the game. Once you decide if you enable the game center, a quick tap to start and you are on your way to the first challenge.

The first challenge is actually a training session, to help you get familiar with the game controls, which are not that difficult to master, but it is good you can practice your running, jumping and fighting skills.

Your character will run automatically down the game path and will encounter coins along the way. These coins are collected and can be used to buy increased abilities, potions, armor and damage levels. In addition to finding coins, you will also receive coins when you kill monsters.

If you do not want to play the game and collect the coins through the levels, you can also elect to buy a large amount of coins from the Shop. While your character is happily running down the path, you encounter obstacles that you have to jump over, or slide under.

The tutorial in the game does a good job at familiarizing you with the controls. To jump you just swipe up, and to jump down, you swipe downward. To turn left and right, you tilt the device left or right.

When running, you will also encounter all sorts of creatures that you must kill by attacking them. Creatures on the left hand side of the path are killed by you pressing the attack button on the left hand side of the screen.

Creatures on the right hand side of the road are killed using the right hand side attack button. You have to time your attacks just right when trying to kill monsters. If you attack to soon or too late, the monster will also take a swing at you, and reduce the amount of health you have remaining.

Once you run out of health, you are dead. When you die, you have one of two options. You can use a resurrection stone, or you can simply die. Of course, if you die then your game is over. This is a fun game and addictive to play.

It is more challenging to play than you might think, but it is certainly fun. Since this is a free app, I whole heartedly recommend you download this app and give it a try.

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