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Blockis Pro

07 Feb 2014

Blockis Pro game review

Blockis is a game that requires brain and fast reaction.

When you play Blockis, blocks of different sizes falls down and your mission is to stuff them to form horizontal rows. Recognise this game? Yes, it may seem like Tetris™ at first but when you play you will quickly notice the difference. Blockis has only three forms; they are horizontal and portrait blocks. They fall quickly and settle on the bottom.

There you can move them sideways, and only sideways. Pretty quickly the forms start to lock each other. You will notice that some position is impossible to reach and you got a gap. That is the problem.

Blockis Pro::By Stefan Gadnell Blockis Pro::By Stefan Gadnell Blockis Pro::By Stefan Gadnell Blockis Pro::By Stefan Gadnell Blockis Pro::By Stefan Gadnell

Blockis Pro screenshots

You can get rid of the gap if you build a perfect row above. It will then explode and you access hole and you can continue to build. It becomes more difficult to move the blocks and place them where you want, you get more and more gaps.

You need to think about where you place your blocks. When a row is filled it will explode all blocks in that row, and they imply that it can form new vacuum. Fairly quickly gaining speed and the tower will be higher and higher.

You need to quickly get a row so that it doesn't build up blocks over the edge. If you fail and the tower becomes too high, the game is over. You move the stones by dragging them with your finger. The blocks fall down and you can't move them upwards.

It's as simple as that. There is a scraping noise when you drag the stone. There is also a small sound when a stone lands. There is not much of other sound so it's recommended to have you favourite music on while playing.

You can play Blockis in two ways. Either play cowardly, and trying to build lines all the time at the bottom. But you can also build turrets, and then blast all away by some well-placed blocks. You get bonus for blasting many in a row, shortly after each other.

Try it, it's very exciting. Another existing mission is to remove all blocks from the stage. That is very difficult and requires very precise placement of the blocks. If you manage that you will get an extra 100 points.

The game has three difficulty-levels, Level 1, very easy, Level 2nd little harder and Level 3, which is very difficult. All levels start simple, but once you've blown across 10 lines the speed increases and the fun begins.

The rate continues to rise gradually and if you are skilled you will be able to stay on track for long. Blockis is a fast game, you can always pick it up, start playing, but you will have problems to stop.

If you like Tetris™ or StonePacker you probably will love Blockis. The best thing in Blockis is that you need to be strategic, you have to think, and think fast, if you want to keep yourself alive. The games works on iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone5, iPad and Android devices.

The Pro-version has no ads and cost only $1. On iOS you can compete with your friends on Game Center.

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