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17 May 2014

Boomlings game review

Boomlings is a fantastic new puzzle that is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

It is completely addictive and will keep you amused for hours on end. Boomlings has fantastic gameplay and uses 2D hand drawn animations that look absolutely superb. The crazy characters and bright colours are attractive to players of all ages. The idea of the game is to match four or more of the same colour Boomlings together.

Once they are connected they will explode and disappear from the screen, more will appear after each turn the user takes. It is a turn based game and played on a grid like game board.

Boomlings::By Robert Topala Boomlings::By Robert Topala Boomlings::By Robert Topala Boomlings::By Robert Topala Boomlings::By Robert Topala

Boomlings screenshots

When the bar at the bottom of the screen is completely filled it means the level is completed and you have successfully passed. If you do not clear enough Boomlings quickly enough then the map will get overrun and there will be no space left to move.

This game has great gameplay that is easy to learn but extremely challenging to master. As the user progresses into higher levels there will be new features implemented and new blocks revealed that can bring game-transforming changes.

The tutorial at the beginning of the game is very accurate. It guides the user though all of the basic commands and Boomlings that will appear on the first few levels. As the user progresses into higher levels a help screen will appear to show the player new blocks or abilities that the Boomlings now possess.

As each level is completed the player will be rewarded with coins to buy powerups, items and icons. These are also available with real money via the Store selection on the main menu. The powerups and items can greatly improve chances to win certain levels.

The powerups generally can be used once on every level and the items are single use abilities that can save you from specific abilities. One of the unique twists to this tremendously challenging and frustratingly fun game is that you get to level up your own Boomling.

It is rewarded experience points for completing levels and grows as the player gets more experienced. There are no bonuses for having a high level Boomling, however, there are achievements that are rewarded for reaching certain levels.

Achievements are quite a big part to the game, some players like to earn all the feats while playing and having fun. In Boomlings there are over sixty achievements and some of them are extremely challenging.

Statistics and high scores can be viewed in the Game Centre. This feature can bring all of the top gamers together to play for the highest scores and try to dominate the rankings. It is also great fun to compete against friends and family trying to reach the highest achievements and level your Boomling to the highest possible level.

New users will get instantly hooked and existing players will keep on attempting to beat their top scores. Unlocking all of the high level features is a frustrating, but intriguing task. It is tremendous fun for all of the family and definitely worth a download.

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