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Bottle Crash HD

04 Dec 2013

Bottle Crash HD game review

Bottle Crash HD is the latest release by the developers Synkronit.

This app is a great little game to play especially if you want to let off some frustration. The aim of the game is to little smash and crash down as many bottles as you can. The player is faced with several buttons and you have to throw a stone at them and attempt to smash them and crash them down.

I found this a very satisfying feeling in an odd way especially when colourful stains were left on the background wall as a reminder of your good shot !

Bottle Crash HD::By Synkronit Bottle Crash HD::By Synkronit Bottle Crash HD::By Synkronit Bottle Crash HD::By Synkronit Bottle Crash HD::By Synkronit

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The game was very simple and very straight forward so you could get into game play straight away without having to fathom out any over complicated rules or directions. I found this game a great way of releasing pressure and stress and really did feel so much better after playing it a few times.

The controls are very easy to use with nothing over complicated required. Good shots and reflexes are required at times but it does not require any strategic thinking as such so if it is a good relaxing game you are after to pass some time then this is certainly the one for you.

The sound effects were fantastic and really complimented the game well creating a great sound as the bottles crashed down and I found myself wanting to hear this sound over and over again. The graphics were just great too.

They are well designed and thought out providing an array of life like bottles for you to aim at and then the use of really bold vibrant colours which were splattered across a dull wall after you hit them.

I found this really stood out and made you enjoy the success more of your “good shot”. In addition to this there is the opportunity to win lots of bonus’ and power up items. Your progress is really easy to follow as the screen clearly displays your score, how well you are doing, amount of stones left and also amount of lives.

If you do like a bit of a challenge and have a competitive streak about you then you can put yourself against other players and try to beat them by getting a higher score. There is a really good leader board which lists the names of the players, what their score is and how many bottles they crashed down.

This is really good if you want to up the stakes a bit but if not you can just continue to play individually to try and beat your own personal best score. This really is a great game which I actually couldn’t stop playing once I started.

It is a great stress reliever smashing this virtual bottles and provided some great feelings. Great game content, very well designed graphics and brilliant sound effects. All in all this is a great little app and I would certainly recommend it to anyone – especially if you have had a hard day at work and want to let off some steam.

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