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28 Sep 2013

Brainsss game review

This strategic game requires the player to command a pack of zombies on missions to brainwash people into your pack. To successfully accomplish this you must train your pack as if they are performing in a defined military operation.

The zombies must be assigned to different parts of the groups and given specific tasks and objectives in order to capture prey they stumble upon whilst making their way through the numerous maze like stages.

Each stage is packed with victims who attempt to run away as soon as they sense trouble. As you capture and turn more victims to your side you will be able to divide your pack into many more packs.

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In the past I have promised myself I would never play a game again of this particular genre, however, this particular zombie game was so good it was hard to refuse it. The game has too much to it and investigates the remaining boundaries left to these types of games. Best of all, you get to consume Brainsss!

Whilst this game is not overtly action packed, it does however provide plenty of challenges to keep you engaged. These puzzles and challenges will certainly provide an appeal for players who like strategic games. You must use the commands in order to move the zombies and do so by using a step by step method. To get the zombies started you must move across them and then give the pack directions by a simple tap. The zombies which have mobilized try to brainwash and change any people they come across. The zombies can also be re directed as needs be as the game progresses.

Initially you only have a couple of zombies and are placed in different urban environments. The aim is to change all of the people which are randomly placed around the game. The game requires a huge amount of strategic playing in order to increase the amount of zombies you have on your pack. As this is being achieved you must split up your pack in order to capture the remaining people you have not managed to convert.

As you progress throughout the game you will find various different types of people such as members of the police force, army, scientists and such like. The zombie balm is used as a weapon to attack the people. The people which are in the army and members of the police force will have weapons to help protect them so you will very carefully have to creep up on them and hopefully manage to defeat them by the fact that you are attacking in numbers.

The way advancements are made is quite good. To start with you are given a limited amount of points to go with your progress on the stage but as you complete the assignments, velocity, staying power and other bonuses are attached to these. This is a good thing and it makes you play intelligently so you strategically use your points on stages that are more difficult. There is also something called a “Rage” counter. As you manage to defeat and convert the people, this counter increases and gives a power rush when used. It is extremely handy when you want to capture people which have weapons.

The commands are very simple and easy to use. To command a particular pack of zombies you just pull your finger over the ones you want to move and then simply tap on them. After this you are able to divide the zombies with the press of one button and this will enhance your chances of capturing the people as you can attack from different directions.

As a nice touch, this particular game feels really suited to be played on phones and tablets. Taking into account the simple and easy to use controls, you will be able to soon pick up how to play the game and will feel like a master of control in your own little zombie world.

Irrespective of the fact if you only occasionally play games of this genre or if indeed you are a fanatic, then please feel relieved that the price of this game is reflective of its high standard. It is crafted superbly and contains so many positive elements which immediately wipe out any negatives that may be stumbled across. A very good game indeed.

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